Hawaiian Shaved Ice Peaches & Cream

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Ello, folks! Today I wanted to share with you a must have for the spring and summer season and that is the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine S900A. This baby is super easy to use with a push of a button, and really the recipes you could create are endless. I actually used this machine in two ways and, that is to shave ice as well as fruit for this recipe.

Personally, I would not even call this a recipe but more of a layered goodie for your entire family to enjoy. I used the Hawaiian Shaved Iced machine to build the first layer of just shaved ice. Next, I added a layer of shaved peaches. I used frozen peaches because they are not in season yet but once they are you could just use fresh and freeze them, to use your shaved ice machine.

Lastly, you simply layer the Peaches & Cream. I went with a layer of shaved ice, then peaches, topped with condensed milk to give it more of a sweet flavor.

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I then topped with whipped cream and garnished with a little bit of peach just to make it look a bit pretty. My husband who does not like fruit at all, fell in love with the Peaches and Cream Shaved Ice. He found that it had the perfect flavor and sweetness.

I do hope that this summer you check out this little creation. You could easily do this recipe with Strawberries and other fruits. I would also suggest checking out the Hawaiin Shaved Ice Machine as well, as it is affordable and perfect for the upcoming months. This particular machine is electric and comes with two ice trays. I have found that two ice trays works very well for just me and my husband, but if you have more people in your family, you might want to consider purchasing more.

Share this! Your friends will love it...

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