Keto Cheese Pickles Crisps ~ TWO Ingredients Only

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I thought I would give everyone a break from the sweets and drink recipes that I’ve been posting. Today I made keto cheese pickles crisps. Now, this recipe only requires TWO ingredients. It’s also MY two favorite items- cheese, and pickles. I could eat pickles all day.

Keto cheese pickles crisps are a great treat. Whether you are on a keto diet or not, these cheese pickle crisps are the perfect snack.

Keto Cheese Pickles Crisps

Keto cheesy pickle crisps
Keto Cheese Pickle Crisps ~ TWO Ingredients Only

Keto Cheese Pickle Crisps ~ TWO Ingredients Only

Yield: 20 pickles chips
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes

Keto cheesy pickle crisps are a great treat whether you are doing a low carb diet or not ~

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  • 20 hamburger dill chips
  • 4 oz shredded cheddar cheese


    1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
    2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
    3. Set a few pieces of paper towel on a plate, and add pickles in a single layer. Blot pickles dry with more paper towels.
    4. Arrange circles of shredded cheese, about the size of the pickles, to the baking sheet, a few inches apart.
    5. Top cheese with a pickle.
    6. Add more cheese on top of the pickles.
    7. Bake for 7-10 minutes, or until cheese is your desired doneness.



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Here are the process pictures, I don’t want you to have to print them unless you want to do so:

cheese pickle crisps

Are you looking for other keto recipes? I have both a keto cheese crisps and keto pizza stuffed mushrooms recipe. They are both really good if you are following a low carb diet. Honestly, though, I’ve fallen off my keto diet and I love all these keto recipes.

When I am on the keto diet, I follow Dirty, Lazy, Keto by Stephanie Laska. It’s a very easy to stick to diet, truthfully. I’m not on Keto now because I started making all of those yummy Christmas recipes and I’ve never gotten back on the wagon.

I hope you will let me know if you make these cheese pickle chips. Post below and let me know how you like them. I’d also REALLY like to know what your favorite keto snacks are.

keto cheese pickles

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