Learn How To Make Gravity Defying Cupcakes Just In Time For Easter

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One of my favorite things in life are cupcakes and making cupcakes. Today I wanted to share with you these perfect gravity-defying M&M Easter Cupcakes. These are super fun to make not to mention super cute for the Easter Season. You can actually use this technique to make cupcakes all year round and I will be sharing them as time goes on.

Gravity Defying Cupcakes

Gravity-Defying M&M Easter Cupcakes

What’s Needed

  • 6 Prepared Cupcakes
  • White Frosting
  • Fun Size Easter M&M’s
  • 6 Dowel Rods (each about 6 inches long)

For these cupcakes, I made them as easy as possible with very limited ingredients and really no matter your skill set you can make these. The first thing you will want to do is frost each cupcake. You want to make it nice and smooth.

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Next, you will want to cut the corner of the M&M package neatly as they will be used in the design.

Place a dowel rod towards the back into each cupcake. Place an empty M&M wrapper onto the dowel rod and mark with a little frosting where the opening begins. Remove M&M wrapper and set aside to use later.

With frosting, frost the dowel rod from the bottom up to the mark that you just placed on there. Make sure to get the front and back.

Place M&M’s on the dowel rod, starting from the bottom of the rod and work your way up. Then place a pile of M&M’s on the cupcake to make it look like they all spilled out.

Lastly, you will place the M&M package back on the dowel rod.

Gravity Defying Cupcakes

How cute right?!? These look simply beautiful and I know all your family and friends will find them super cute and just amazing.

Gravity Defying Cupcakes
Gravity Defying Cupcakes

This is a really simple way to display a gravity-defying cupcake that is so easy to make. Like I said you really don’t need any skill set or tools to make this, just a few items. I do hope that you try these out on your own and be sure to look out for more cupcakes coming soon.

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