Super Fun Entertaining Set Using The Cricut Joy

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As most of you know, I am totally loving the Cricut Joy. This thing can do just about anything when it comes to customizing clothing and home decor. Today I would like to share with you a super fun entertaining set I made with the Cricut Joy.

Before we know it summer will be in full swing, and I hope that we are able to entertain in the coming months. Having neighbors and friends over is something that I really enjoy. Recently, I found the cutest pitcher and glass set on Amazon.

I had just fallen in love with the colors and it really is amazing quality. What I love most is that it is plastic. HUGE win for someone that drops everything.

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The one thing that I like to use my Cricut Joy for is to actually make things my own. Giving them my own little twist and I did just that.

What You need to make your own ENTERTAINING Set:

You can use any colors for this project. I used the handy smart-vinyl so that you don’t have to use a mat. All of the colors were Matte as well. I used the Mint, Bright Yellow, and Petal. I thought these really worked together and looked super fun.

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To make the pitcher I used a premed design in the Cricut Design Space. This makes things go a lot quicker and there are so many options.

Once you design is sized and ready to go you simply send it to the Joy via Bluetooth and cut. For this project there is no need to mirror the object.

The design that I picked actually had two cuts so I made the letters the bright yellow and the accent I used the petal.

Once your design is cut it is time to play with weaving.

Next, and lastly for the pitcher image you will want to use your transfer tape to adhere it onto the pitcher.

Entertaining set using Cricut Joy

Making The Glasses:

Lastly, the set that I purchased had four glasses. They were super cute by themselves but needed a bit of fun added to them. I decided to try my hand and layering smart-vinyl and it worked out perfect.

For this design space project you will need at least three different colors of smart-vinyl for the ice cream. Again I used the three above as I just loved the color combination.

Entertaining set using Cricut Joy

There will be three different cuts for the ice cream cones. I simply cut them in the colors I wanted and put them all together again.

I first used the mint smart vinyl and added it to one of the cups using the transfer tape.

Entertaining set using Cricut Joy

Once the mint was on I then added the bright yellow.

Entertaining set using Cricut Joy

Lastly, on top of the bright yellow I added the Petal.

I just love the effect that these gave to the little glasses.

Entertaining set using Cricut Joy

These would be perfect for entertaining this summer. I also decided on the removable vinyl because I am the type of person that likes to change things up throughout the year.

Entertaining set using Cricut Joy

If you are looking for more fun ideas using the Cricut Joy head on over to the Cricut Corner.

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