25 Thanksgiving Family Traditions You’ll Love Doing

thanksgiving family traditions

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It can be hard to come up with new ideas for Thanksgiving family traditions, but this guide will help you find traditions that families love.

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Thanksgiving Family Tradition #1 – Turkey Bowling

Play turkey bowling for Thanksgiving this year

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Turkey bowling is a fun tradition to start for your little kids or grand kids. Make the turkeys ahead of time.

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2. Make A Gratitude Garland

Gratitude garland craft

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Gratitude garland is where you make a garland banner, think about what you’re grateful for, then write it down on the garland. It also makes a pretty and festive decoration for your holiday home.

3. Make A Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving meal and eating food is the main part of the day that everything else revolves around.

Have fun making dishes together or divvying the menu up so that everyone makes a dish or two. Check out this list of vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

4. Make Thanksgiving Pies

Recipe for vegan apple pie

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Making pies together is a great way to bond. I love baking because it’s fun and you get a treat to eat.

Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple pie are the most common pies for Thanksgiving, but you can make any kind you want to.

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5. Play Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Thanksgiving mad libs

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Mad Libs are a great way to get everyone involved and laughing. This is a good activity if your Thanksgiving weather isn’t good and it prevents you from going outside.

6. Decorate The House For Thanksgiving

Decorations look really pretty on the Thanksgiving table. Try to get ones that are shorter so that everyone can still see each other across the table.

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7. Run A Turkey Trot

If you have an active family, then running or walking a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning would be a lot of fun. If not everyone wants to participate, then some family members can watch and cheer the others on.

8. Read Thanksgiving Books

We love reading Mercer Mayer books to our little ones each holiday. We’ll definitely be getting Just A Special Thanksgiving next to read to them.

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9. Make A Gratitude Jar

Gratitude jar

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A gratitude jar is a good way to all say what you’re thankful for. I prefer this to going around the room and saying what everyone is grateful for because it’s not always fun to be put on the spot like that. Setup a jar and people can write what they’re thankful for and drop it in the jar.

10. Watch The National Dog Show

The National Dog Show is on after the parade. It’s fun to see the dogs and relax after dinner for a little bit.

11. Play Board Games

Board games are a fun activity to do with your family. One that we like is Apples to Apples.

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12. Gratitude Tree

Gratitude tree

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A gratitude tree is a great way for everyone to show what they’re thankful for. You write what you’re grateful for on the leaves and hang it on the tree. It looks really nice and pretty. This is a really cool Thanksgiving tradition.

13. Learn Thanksgiving’s History

This is a good time to brush up on the history of Thanksgiving for yourself or you can teach your kids about it.

14. Go For A Walk

I love going on a walk after Thanksgiving dinner if the weather is good. It can be hard to want to with how full you’ll be, but if you have kids, they’ll love running around.

15. Make A Fun Appetizer

thanksgiving veggie tray

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Veggie trays that look like turkeys are the best appetizer IMO! So so cute. It’s also nice to have an appetizer to snack on while the big meal is cooking.

16. Watch The Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

The Friends Thanksgiving episodes are so funny! We start watching them early in November, but we’ve also watched them in just a day or two. This is my favorite Thanksgiving tradition. There are 10 of these Friends episodes. They are:

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17. Make Crafts Together

pumpkin turkey craft

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Doing a Thanksgiving craft is best to do early in November so you can enjoy looking at it on display for a while before the holiday.

18. Drink Sparkling Apple Cider

Marinelli’s Sparkling Cider is so delicious. Buy a lot so everyone can have as much as they want.

Buy Sparking Cider here

19. Throw A Football

A fun tradition that works for a lot of family members is going outside to throw the football.

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20. Wear Thanksgiving Outfits

I love wearing festive graphic tees and this one that says “Thankful Grateful & Blessed†is perfect for Thanksgiving.

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21. Go To The Movies

A lot of really big movies come out in November right before Thanksgiving, so if everyone is looking for something to do together, this is a great option.

22. Do A Puzzle

We love to do puzzles and they’re a great group activity.

Get this fun fall puzzle here

23. Get Ready For Black Friday Shopping

Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday of November every year and Black Friday is the day after. A lot of stores start Black Friday on Thursday evening or even earlier online. You can get some awesome deals on Christmas presents.

24. Decorate For Christmas

If you need something to do in the evening on Thanksgiving, then why not get started on Christmas decorating? If you have people visiting they might be willing to help you with it.

Purchase these Christmas decorations here

25. Watch The Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade

I love to watch the parade on Thanksgiving morning while eating breakfast and starting to cook dinner. Kids love seeing their favorite characters as balloons in the parade. The parade takes place in New York City in the United States.

Which of these Thanksgiving family traditions are you adding to your line up?

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