Valentine’s Day Activities for Families

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Valentine’s Day is a special day for our family. We like to spend time together and do things to show our love for each other.

It is an important holiday to us because families can create fun Valentine’s Day activities for kids that will create lasting memories and enrich family bonds. It can make the holiday special for children and does not just have to be for just couples in love!

Here are some of our favorite activities to do on Valentine’s Day as a family.

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Valentine’s Day Activities for Families

Secret Friend for Valentine’s Day

Children love secrets.

One exciting Valentine’s Day activity we do is form a secret friend gift giving system. Yes, it’s like secret Santa but for Valentine’s Day!

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Every child is assigned a secret friend a week or so before February 14.

Throughout the week each child will give small gifts or secret acts of service to their secret friend.

This can be done through cards, small gifts or other creative ideas.

On Valentine’s Day, we reveal who each of the secret friends were and share stories about what each person did for their secret friend.

A Valentine’s Day “Heart Attack”

Another activity we try to do on Valentine’s Day as a family is to bake and frost heart-shaped sugar cookies.

Then we use all these cookies as a great opportunity to serve others,

We make up several plates of the delicious sugar cookies, and take time together to deliver them to family, friends, or older adults in our neighborhood.

One year we went to a nursing home, it was a blast and the residents enjoyed our visit very much!

Another fun way to deliver the heart shaped sugar cookies is through a “heart attack”.

Increase the intrigue of cookie deliveries by cutting out dozens of hearts to tape to the door of the cookie recipient.

One of the hearts should say, “You’ve been heart attacked!”

Once the hearts are taped to the door you can place the cookies on the porch and ring the doorbell and then just run off in a flurry of excitement before they know what hit ’em!

A Pink & Red Themed Dinner for Valentine’s Day

To wrap up the day we like to make a pink & red themed dinner.

First we set the table with a red or pink table cloth and use red paper plates.

Then we decide what to make. Of course, there are the obvious choices of strawberries, raspberries and cherries.

In the past we have also dyed mashed potatoes and dinner rolls with a red food dye.

Heart shaped pizza with pink crust, pink cheese and pepperoni is always a hit.

We have also served red V8 strawberry juice as a beverage and strawberry ice cream and red velvet cake for dessert.

To end the evening we will hide small presents around the house for our kids to find, like chocolates, trinkets and other little gifts. Our kids love this scavenger hunt.

Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday for adults and children alike.

I hope you try to incorporate some of our traditions into your family’s Valentine’s Day celebration!

Whether it’s choosing secret friends, baking sugar cookies to give away, creating “heart attacks” or having a red & pink themed dinner we hope your family has as much fun as we do.

Simple traditions can make this day dedicated to love a fun holiday for the entire family. Let’s keep it going for years to come!

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