Tips And Tricks For The Best Way To Feed A Crowd

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Feeding a crowd can be tricky. Today, I’m sharing some tips and tricks so you don’t have to worry about it so much next time. Get the low-down on things like easy recipes and food safety in this article. You’ll also learn about what’s required for cooking up a storm. Let’s not hold back any longer and learn about the best way to feed a crowd!

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Keep it simple

You know that cooking for a huge crowd can be tedious, right? Well, at least I’m telling you this to save you some hassle. When cooking for a group of people, try to keep it solely straightforward; cutting down the complexity should make things go by quicker. It’s impressive enough to be able to serve so many guests in one fell swoop.

You don’t need to go all out & get stressed out. More complex dishes mean more opportunities for mistakes.

Prep as much as possible ahead of time

You can do a lot of prep for your next meal by cooking up some chicken, slicing some veggies and if you’re making bread, then get to kneading!

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Start with the meal preparation and figure out what can be made in advance. That’ll reduce the amount of time spent preparing on the day of, and you’ll have half of it done already.

Create buffet options

Buffets are an easy way to serve food dishes. They can be set up to accommodate any event, large or small. Having a buffet means minimal work for you and that everyone gets whatever they want. Choose from spaghetti, taco, popcorn & dessert bars!.

You can turn most meals into a buffet:

  • spaghetti

  • tacos

  • salads

  • chili

  • and more!

If you’re hosting a dinner party, you’ll need to set things like plates and silverware up near the entrance of the buffet. You should also make sure to provide guests with clean hands too, by either giving them antibacterial wipes or a hand sanitizer station before they can get their food.

Incorporate finger foods when possible

Finger food is perfect when hosting a party because it’s easy and usually doesn’t make a mess.

One of my favorite finger foods for a large party is:

  • fresh fruits and veggies

  • meat and cheese trays

  • pinwheel sandwiches

  • popcorn

  • individually wrapped snacks

Easy crowd-pleasing recipes

When it comes to feeding a crowd, I like to serve soups, stews, and casseroles. They’re super easy to throw together at the last minute and they stay nice and warm in the oven or slow cooker until your guests arrive.

Copycat recipes are always a hit. Try this Olive Garden recipe for chicken gnocchi soup. Comfort foods are always good, especially if someone else cooks them up for you. Delicious!

Did you know you can cook a large batch of chicken parmesan on a sheet pan? I’m always impressed with the creative dishes people cook.

I’m hooked on this broccoli cheddar soup that has chicken added. Adding this protein-rich meat to an old favorite dish is a great way to increase the protein in a meal.

Let your guests finish off the night with this warm hug in a mug, hot chocolate that you can make in a slow cooker.

Food safety

When cooking for a crowd there are some key things to remember. A few of them are:

  • Wash your hands often.

  • Sanitize all surfaces.

  • Don’t cross-contaminate.

  • Check temperatures with a food thermometer.

  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Cooking tools

My must-haves when cooking for a crowd are:

  • Slow Cooker

  • Instant Pot

  • Air Fryer

  • Large Stock Pot

  • Loaf Pans

  • Multiple cutting boards

  • Warming trays

  • Large, Rimmed Baking Sheets

  • Containers for leftovers

It may be a good idea to buy (or borrow) extra of some of the above items. For example, you can have three different dishes cooking in them all time, which makes it easier to have one thing going on at a time without worrying about paying attention to the stove.

Making the most of your kitchen space can be hard, especially if you cook for large crowds often. Adding a second slow cooker or stockpot could help make your job easier.

Cooking for a crowd

If you are feeling overwhelmed try asking friends or family members if they can help out with prepping & cooking. Chances are you have a few of them who would be willing to help out before guests arrive.

You will find the best way to feed a crowd that is easiest for you. Trust me, no matter your plan, others are always ready to help you.

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