83 Best Classroom Reward Party Ideas!

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Looking for classroom reward party ideas? This is the best list you’ll find. Your student will have so much fun partying with you!

I love class parties! Who doesn’t love a good party, right?!

During my seven years teaching second and third grade, I threw parties for my whole class rewards system. I LOVED to throw parties for my class! I have so many great memories about the fun parties I had with my students.

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Benefits of Classroom Parties

There are SO many benefits of having class parties! They create a positive environment, they help your students work together for the same thing, they improve student behavior, and they give you a chance to just have fun with your students.

Setting Up A Class Party

The first thing I did when setting up a class party is I had the class list suggestions for party they wanted to earn. Then, we voted and the idea with the most votes won!

Next, I wrote CLASS PARTY on the far left side of my whiteboard. Underneath that I would draw a tally marks. Each time the entire class was doing a great job and had good behavior, I would give them a tally mark.

Whenever the class got too noisy, I walked over and silently erased a point.

One student always noticed! They would tell the others to be quiet because we were losing points. My favorite part about that was I wouldn’t have to say anything. Talk about a teacher win!

When we reached 50 points, we’d have a party. I made sure the party was at the end of the day. No one wants to get back to work after a party!

We’d usually end up having a party about every month or a month and a half. Here are my favorite reward party ideas!

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Classroom Reward Party Ideas

1. Movie Day

This is one of my favorite parties! All you need to do is bring some G rated movies, popcorn, and paper towels and you’ve got yourself an amazing party. You can have the kids bring a stuffed animal or pillow or wear their pajamas too!

2. Dance Party

Move all of the desks to the sides of the classroom, put on a dance playlist, and let the party begin! The kids will love to see you bust a move. So, you might want to practice your moves before the party, just in case. Make sure to bring a fun treat for the kids!

3. Pajama Day

Easiest party ever! Just have the kids wear their pajamas. It’s really that simple. The kids will love it!

4. Show And Tell

Have everyone bring something they want to share with the class. Have the kids come up one by one and tell the class about their item. It’s so fun to see what the kids bring!

5. Game Time

I love game parties! Bring a bunch of different board and card games. Tell the students all of the different games there are. Let the students come up with their own small groups and pick a game to play. Go around the room and jump in different games so you can play with lots of the students!

6. Lunch Outside Or In The Classroom

This is also a super easy party idea. Instead of having the students eat lunch in the cafeteria, have them eat as a class outside if the weather is nice. If it isn’t, eat in the classroom.

7. Cooking Class

Bring an electric skillet and you can make pancakes for everyone! You could make a bunch of different things if you don’t want to do pancakes.

8. Story Time

Instead of just reading only one story at story time, you read book after book after book! The kids will be in heaven. You can also take brain breaks or an extra recess if you need a break from all of the reading.

9. Special Visitors

This is so fun! You can invite the guests to talk about their jobs or what they love about their student. It’s totally up to you and your students what they’d like the guests to do once their arrive. Both the kids and the guests will have a great time!

10. Music Time

This party can be really open ended. You can play lots of different kinds of music. The kids can stay in their seats or everyone can dance. You can play music inside or outside. There are so many things you can do at a music party!

11. Paper Airplane Competition

This is a unique party idea! Spend the beginning of the party making paper airplanes. The students can decorate the planes if they’d like. Then, go outside and throw the paper airplanes. For example, you can have all the kids that are 6 throw together and then the 7 year olds. You could have all girls or all boys throw theirs together. Then, you could have everyone throw their airplanes. Have a bunch of different groups go together.

12. Student Choice Project

This is a great party! Let the students choice which project they want to do. Let them work on it during the party.

13. Change The Class Layout

Decide as a class how you want the desks to be arranged. Then have everyone help arrange them. It’s always fun to switch things up!

14. Science Experiments

Bring a whole bunch of fun science experiments to do with your class during the party. There are so many fun experiments you can do. This party is always a huge hit! The kids would beg me for more science parties! It’s a fun way to do more science in your classroom.

15. New Class Pet

I haven’t done this as a class party, but it would be so fun! I had two geckos that I got from another teacher who was retiring. My students loved taking care of the geckos, holding them, and feeding them. Getting a new class pet as a party would be so much fun!

16. Flashlight Fun

Have everyone bring flashlights, turn out the lights, and pretend your super explorers. You could even hide things around the classroom for the students to find.

17. Book Swap Party

This is a super easy party idea! Have the students all bring books they no longer want from home. Take turns going around the room having everyone trade books. The best part about this party is that it encourages reading!

18. Field Trip

This would be a very convent party to have if earning all the class points for a party timed up with a field trip. I absolutely love field trips! It’s so fun getting out of the classroom with your students to explore and learn. You could even go on a virtual field trip. So much fun!

19. Art Party

Look up a few new art ideas, bring the supplies, and have an art party! Encourage your students to be creative and have fun. If there’s time, each student could show the class what they made!

20. Redecorate The Classroom

It would be so fun as a class to pick a new theme and decorate the class. This would help the students feel involved and excited to be in the classroom.

21. Crazy Hair Day

Have the students have crazy hair day for the day!

22. Water Fight

If it’s warm enough, have a water party! Get a slip ‘n slide, water guns, water balloons, or turn on the sprinklers if you can. There are so many options and it’s all so fun!

23. Dress The Teacher

For one day, let the students choose what you have to wear-the crazier the better!

24. Teacher In The Hot Seat

Sit in a chair facing your students. They get to ask you lots of questions. They love learning about their teacher. Then, have different students come up and take turns sitting in the chair and asking them questions. I love watching my students sit in the hot seat.

25. Free Seating

For one day, let the students sit wherever they’d like to. You can even have the students choose a different place to sit and mix it up during the day. Kids love having flexible seating options!

26. Free Time Or Indoor Recess

More recess!! Who wouldn’t want that??

27. Glow Sticks Dance Party

Bring glow sticks, give one to each student, turn out the lights, and let the kids wave the glow sticks. Dance and have the best time!

28. Fun Food Party

Bring tons of different snacks, treats, and food for the kids to eat!

29. Play Time

Have the students each bring their favorite toy from home and just let them PLAY!

30. Dress Up Day

Let the students bring a princess dress or Spiderman costume or whatever they want. Let them dress up for the day! It’s like Halloween without the trick-or-treating.

31. Outdoor Lesson

Take some of your lessons outside for the day! The kids will love being outside and getting some fresh air.

32. Computer Time

Check to see if the computer lab is available. If it is, take your class in there and let them play games for your class party.

33. Library Visit

Go to the library for your class party! See if the librarian would be willing to read books to them. Let them read their favorite book on their own. Relax and have fun! It’s so great to have extra reading time. You could even bring your own book too. It’s a great way to encourage reading!

34. T-Ball

Take the class outside and play t-ball!

35. Geocache Hunt

Take your class on a hunt to look for geocaches. You could burry some before hand if you don’t naturally have many where you live.

36. Joke Time

Have students recite their favorite jokes to the class. Bring a joke book and share some jokes with your class too!

37. Homework Free Week

Your students would be soooo excited to have no homework for a whole week. Best party ever!!

38. Grab Bag

Get little dollar store trinkets or see if parents can donate some. Make bags of toys and treats for each of the students to have. Kids love this special reward!

39. Stickers For Everyone

Bring tons of stickers to class and give them to your students! My kids love stickers.

40. Invite The Principal To Class

Have the principal come to your classroom for the party. They could play games with you, ask them questions, go for a walk, read stories, have a dance party, or whatever you’d like to do. It will be great having them there with you to party.

41. Forts Day

Bring a bunch of big blankets, take the desks and chairs, and make a bunch of forts! Then, let the kids then read or play games in them.


Get a bunch or card stock, let them decorate it, and have a bookmark party!

43. Homework Passes

Give each student a free homework pass!

44. Desk Pets

Give each student their own toy desk pet. There are tons of posts about desk pets if you need some more iideas!

45. Picnic Day

Bring a huge blanket or a bunch of blankets and have your students eat lunch or snacks outside!

46. Teddy Bear Friend

Have your students bring their favorite stuffed animal to school for the day.

47. Make Slime

Bring all of the ingredients and made slime as a class.

48. Coloring Pages

Print a whole bunch of coloring pages and let the kids color for your party!

49. Musical Chairs

This is an great class party! Have everyone put their chairs in a circle with the seat of the chair on the outside of the circle. Take one chair away, so there’s one less chair than people playing. Play some music and stop the music after about fifteen seconds (you can stop it earlier or later if you’d prefer). The person who doesn’t sit in a chair when the music stops is out. Keep going until one student wins.

50. Teacher VS Student Game

You can play any game you’d like against your students. They love this and feel like they have to beat you!

51. Silent Ball

Silent ball is a fun ball game, but you could also play any ball game you’d like.

52. Origami Day

Learn a few origami designs you like. Bring a lot of paper and teach your students how to make the origami.

53. Team Building Day

Spend the party doing lots of teach building activities. This game is perfect, especially when you’ve had some fighting between your students.

54. Trivia Game

Split the class into four teams, bring buzzers, and have one member of each teach sit by the buzzers. Ask the four students trivia questions. The first student who gets the right answer first, gets a point for their team!

55. Create A Time Capsule

Make a time capsule as a class for your party!!

56. Parents Day

Have the students invite their parents, or a special guest, to come to class for the party. Once the guests arrive, you can have them do whatever you and your class want.

57. Volleyball Or Kickball

Play volleyball or kickball as a class!

58. Visit Another Class

Take your class to another class in the same grade level. Do something fun together!

59. Class Spirit Week

Instead of having a school spirit week, have your own class spirit week! Decide what you want to do each day, and have a great time.

60. Online Jeopardy

Play Jeopardy online as a class.

61. Puzzles

Bring a bunch of puzzles and do them for your party.

62. Community Service

Find someone in the community to serve. Serving someone feels amazing!

63. Blowing Bubbles

Bring bubbles and have a bubble party!

64. Colored Chalk At Recess

Bring a bunch of chalk to class and let the kids draw up a storm.

65. Duck Duck Goose

Play Duck Duck Goose for your party.

66. Soccer With The Teacher

Go outside and play soccer!

67. Chew Gum

Give everyone gum to chew for the day.

68. Kahoot Party

Play the online game Kahoot, or any other online game, with your class!

69. Karaoke

Get a microphone, a bunch of songs, and have a karaoke party!

70. Crazy Hats

Have everyone wear a crazy hat for the day!

71. Piñata Party

Get a piñata and have a piñata party! Who doesn’t like candy right?!

72. Egg Racing Contest

Get a bunch of eggs and spoons and have an egg racing contest.

73. Potato Sack Race

Get potato sacks and have a bunch of races with your class.

74. Scavenger Hunt

Do a scavenger hunt with your class. All of your students will love this!

75. Crazy Sock Day

Have everyone wear crazy socks for the day.

76. Fun Erasers

Give everyone a fun eraser!

77. Write A Letter To Santa

Have everyone to write a letter to Santa, or someone else if it’s not close to Christmas.

78. A Nice Note

Have the students write a positive note about each of the other students. When everyone is done, hand them to the right person. Then, they can read all the nice things the other students wrote about them!

79. Minute To Win It

Get a whole bunch of Minute To Win It games and play them with your class!

80. Relay Races

Set up some obstacles, split your class into teams, and have relay races!

81. Extra Gym Time

Go to the gym and let the kids have extra gym time!

82. Ice Cream Party

Bring ice cream, sprinkles, and other toppings and have an ice cream party!

83. Popcorn Party

Bring lots of different kinds of popcorn to share with your class and have a popcorn party!

The Bottom Line

I love rewarding my students’ hard work with class parties! They’re a chance for you to bond with your class and just have fun. Have your students work to earn a class party and you won’t regret it!

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What are some good classroom rewards?

My favorites are movie, karaoke, dance, game, art, science, and extra recess parties!

What do you do in a classroom party?

You can do whatever you want- extra recess, dance party, karaoke, movie party, etc! My favorite thing to do is have the class vote on what party they want to work for and then earn points towards it.

How do you earn rewards in the classroom?

For my classroom reward system, I gave or took away points. I wrote CLASS PARTY on the far left side of my whiteboard. Underneath that I would draw a tally mark each time everyone was doing what they should be doing.

Whenever the class was getting too noisy, I would walk over and silently erase a point. At least one student would notice and they would tell the others to be quiet because we were losing points.

How do you reward individual students?

You can give them a free homework pass, extra computer or coloring time, chew gum, sit where they want, etc.

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Final Thoughts On Classroom Reward Party Ideas:

I hope you like these party ideas as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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