100 Fun White Tiger Facts For Kids!

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Looking for the best list of white tiger facts for kids? This is it! Everyone will love reading these. I bet you’ll learn even something!

White tigers are so amazing! I saw one in a zoo once, and I thought it was so beautiful. They so rare and incredible to see.

I was mesmerized by its white fur and blue eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!

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If you love this rare animal, then you’ll love these fun tiger facts. Keep reading if you want to see the most interesting facts about white tigers, and I bet you will even learn something!

A closeup of a beautiful white Bengal tiger.

White Tiger Facts

  1. A white tiger is a Bengal tiger.
  2. It’s not a species or sub-species of tiger as some people think.
  3. White tigers used to live in the wild in Asia, in countries like India.
  4. They used to be found in the wild of Assam, West Bengal, and Bihar in the Sunder bans region.
  5. They live in captivity now, which helps keep them protected.
  6. White Tigers are wild animals.
  7. Many people think white tigers are their own tiger species, but they’re not.
  8. White Tigers have a creamy white coat.
  9. They have blue eyes.
  10. They have gray, brown, or black stripes.
  11. They are very big cats.
  12. White tigers can weigh up to 570 pounds.
  13. They weight about the size of two giant pandas.
  14. They can grow to be more than ten feet long.
  15. White tigers are between 80-110 cos tall at the shoulder.
  16. They like living in forests and grassy areas.
  17. Their stripes help give them camouflage.
  18. White tigers are white due to their genetics.
  19. White tigers are also not albino.
  20. Each tiger has its own pattern of stripes.
  21. White tigers are an apex predator.
  22. For a white tiger to be born, two Bengal tigers with a specific recessive gene have to mate.
  23. Their white fur is caused by an absence of pheomelanin, a pigment found in the normal orange tigers.
  24. This is very uncommon and occurs just once per 10,000 births.
  25. White tigers’ coat become darker when the weather becomes colder.
  26. When exposed to low temperatures, the White Tiger produces an enzyme that induces a response in its fur, turning them darker.
  27. The weaker immune system associated with their genetic coloring is thought to be the reason.
  28. A white tiger has a similar face to any other Bengal tiger.
  29. The fur on their face is white.
  30. A white tiger and Bengal tiger are only different when it comes to their color.
  31. You can easily tell them apart from other Bengal tigers.
  32. A white tiger has intriguing eyes.
  33. A white tiger’s eyes are sapphire blue.
  34. They have a white belly.
  35. White male adult tigers weight approximately 420 to 570 pounds.
  36. They are large mammals.
  37. White tigers have also been seen to grow quicker than normal Bengal tigers.
  38. They are larger than Bengal tigers from the moment they’re born.
  39. When they are three years old, they are considered completely developed.
  40. Only 12 white tigers were seen in the wild throughout the twentieth century.
  41. In 1900, there were around 100,000 tigers in the wild.
  42. There are no more white tigers in the wild anymore.
  43. When white tigers were first discovered in the wild, they shared the same habitat as orange fur Bengal tigers.
  44. It’s primary habitat consisted of areas of the jungle with plenty of food, water, and trees.
  45. Tigers have a wide variety of habitats, including tropical rain forests, savanna’s, and mangrove swamps.
  46. They have sharp claws.
  47. They are lighter in color than the common Bengal Tiger.
  48. It’s nose is rose pink.
  49. Most white tigers have blue eyes, but they can also been green or amber.
  50. White tigers are muscular, stronger, and aggressive.
  51. They are solitary animals.
  52. They are active during the daytime, but most of their hunting is after dusk.
  53. In the wild, tigers have an average lifespan of about 10 years.
  54. White tigers in captivity live for around 15 years.
  55. They have a shorter lifespan than other tigers.
  56. White tigers are carnivores, so they hunt and eat other animals.
  57. They hunt animals at night, approaching gently so as not to be noticed.
  58. They prefer to eat herbivores like goats, buffalo, deer, baby elephants, wild boar, baby rhinoceros, and other cattle.
  59. If they can’t find herbivores to eat, they’ll eat carnivores like porcupines, wolves, and leopards.
  60. Tigers don’t eat stale meat and have a strong preference for freshly killed animals.
  61. They can consume 40 pounds of meat in a single feeding.
  62. White Bengal tigers can also be called Snow Tigers.
  63. They do not live in a snowy climate.
  64. In 1561, the first white tiger was spotted in India in Akbar Nama.
  65. The Bengal tiger the second largest tiger, small only to the Siberian tiger.
  66. A white tiger’s peak speed is 60 miles per hour.
  67. They communicate by scent markings, vocalizations, and visual signals.
  68. Each tiger’s stripes are distinct from those of other tigers.
  69. If you shaved a white tiger, you’d notice that the stripes were still visible on their skin.
  70. Every white tiger marks its territory by urine and claw marks on trees.
  71. Mohan is the most well-known white tiger to be discovered in the wild.
  72. All 200 white tigers in captivity today are believed to be descended from Mohan.
  73. He died at the age of 19 years and 7 months.
  74. The scientific name of White Tiger is Panthera Tigris.
  75. They are solitary animals and that’s why they are easy victims for large predators.
  76. They usually live in a territory about 10 to 30 square miles.
  77. They have excellent night vision.
  78. They have excellent hearing too.
  79. Females are ready to mate between three to four years old.
  80. Males are ready to mate around five years old.
  81. During mating season, female white tigers make scent markings in the jungle for male tigers. They also roar so males can hear them.
  82. The male white tiger might overlap with a few female tiger’s territory so he can mate with them.
  83. Their gestation period is around three and a half months.
  84. A female white tiger can give birth to 5 cubs at once.
  85. They average 3 cubs in one litter.
  86. White tigers are born blind.
  87. They usually weigh between 2 to 3 pounds at birth.
  88. They nurse their mother’s milk for 6 to 8 weeks.
  89. After that, they go with their mom to feed on their hunt.
  90. White tiger cubs will try to hunt by themselves around 18 months.
  91. Cubs live with their mothers for two to three years.
  92. During that time, they learnt hunt and survive alone.
  93. They do not have known predators other than humans.
  94. White tigers are an endangered species.
  95. Due to their unique looks, they are the center of attention at zoos for both kids and adults.
  96. They are ambush hunters and they sneak up on their prey.
  97. They are great swimmers.
  98. They can also kill their prey while swimming.
  99. Many white tigers are born with a genetic defect or disabilities- some have shorter canines, cleft palates, and some are cross-eyed.
  100. Males will aggressively defend their territory.
A white Bengal tiger with blue eyes is laying on a tree that's fallen down.


What are 5 interesting facts about white tigers?

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White tigers aren’t their own species of tigers. They are actually Bengal tigers. They usually live between ten and fifteen years, but they can live a little longer. White tigers are amazing swimmers. They are solitary animals.

What are 10 interesting facts about white tigers?

White tigers aren’t their own species of tigers. They are Bengal tigers. They usually live between ten and fifteen years. White tigers are amazing swimmers. They are solitary animals. They don’t live in the wild anymore because they’re endangered. White tigers have amazing hearing and night vision. They are carnivores and eat other animals. They have up to 5 cubs in one litter. White tigers can run 60 miles per hour.

Why are white tigers white for kids?

White tigers’ white fur is caused by an absence of pheomelanin, a pigment found in the normal orange tigers. They aren’t albinos like many people think. It’s a recessive gene that both the female and male must have in order to have a baby white tiger.

Are white tigers blind?

White tigers are not blind. Their cubs are born blind, but white tigers get their eyesight soon.

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