50 Meaningful Classroom Job Ideas For Students!

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Looking for the best classroom job ideas? Here’s an amazing list of great class jobs your students will love to do!

Classroom jobs are my favorite! They truly are. The kids love them, they give the students a sense of ownership, and they’ll help your classroom run so smoothly!

There are many more reasons I love classroom jobs. I’ve listed a bunch down below. I think every classroom needs jobs!

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How To Introduce Classroom Jobs

The first thing you’ll want to do to is to introduce classroom jobs to your students. Go through each job like your the student who has it for the week and show your class EXACTLY how you’ll want them to do that job.

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The perfect time to do this is the first few days of school. I found it was best to go over a few, do a different activity, and then go over a few more. It’s a lot of information to throw at your kids, so it’s a great idea to spread them out.

Go over each job multiple times. It’s also good to review them periodically throughout the school year to make sure students don’t forget what they need to do.

Classroom Jobs

Here’s the best list of classroom jobs!

  1. Line Leader- Stands at the front of the line and leads the class wherever they go.
  2. Paper Passer- Passes out any papers you need passed out for classwork or to take home.
  3. Paper Collector- This person is in charge of collecting all of the papers any time you need them collected.
  4. Encourager- This student is in charge of helping other students when they’re frustrated or need to hear some encouraging words.
  5. Office Manager- If you need to send anything to the office, they take it for you. If you need anything picked up, they go get it.
  6. Caboose- Their job is to be the last person in line!
  7. Line or Hallway Monitor- If you have issues with keeping a straight and quiet line, this student is in charge of it.
  8. Hand Sanitizer- This student gives each child a squirt of sanitizer before lunch or snacks.
  9. Flipper- Changes all the charts in your classroom at the end of class so they’re ready for the next day.
  10. Blinds Monitor- This student opens and closes the blinds as needed.
  11. Computer Assistant- Turns on the computers in the morning and logs them in. Turns off the computer at the end of the day. They are also in charge of helping students log in if they’re having trouble.
  12. Tablet Assistant- This student is in charge of plugging in the tablets at the end of the day so they’re charge and ready for the following day. They can also help students who are having trouble finding things on the tablets.
  13. Pledge and Flag Helper- This student is in charge of leading the class in the Pledge of Allegiance and saluting the flag.
  14. Substitute Aide– This person does the classroom job of a student who is absent. If no one is absent, give them any task you’d like so they don’t feel left out.
  15. Calendar Leader– This student leads the class in reciting the date, which day of the week it is, the year, asks the calendar questions, and calls on students to answer them.
  16. Absent Work Manager- This student notes how many kids are absent that day and collects papers throughout the day and puts them on each absent students’ desk. They can also write names for each student absent on each worksheet if you’d like.
  17. Teacher’s Assistant- This is a job that can be anything you’d like. They can be the person students ask during work time if you’re busy. It’s the catch all job to help you with anything you need. They are your classroom helper!
  18. Trash Monitor- This person makes sure there is no trash on the floor. If there is, they pick it up or they ask other students to help them. They can also dump out the trash can if you’d like them to.
  19. Recycling Monitor- They can help the trash monitor or do it on their own. They need to make sure things are recycled in the recycling bin.
  20. Emergency Drill Assistant- This student is responsible for carrying the emergency bag out to wherever you’re supposed to meet as a class during an emergency drill.
  21. Work Monitor- Their job is to make sure everyone gets their work done. Have a class list with a grid next to it. Have the student put an x or a check next to each student’s name as they hand in their work. They can also collect things like permission slips to make sure each child brings a signed permission slip back.
  22. Zookeeper- This person is in charge of feeding the classroom pet and making sure it’s cage is clean.
  23. Bag Carrier- This person is uncharge of carrying anything you need carried from your classroom to wherever you’re going.
  24. Escort- If your school requires students to not walk the halls alone, this student goes with any child who needs to use the bathroom or go to the office.
  25. Mediator- This is one of my favorite jobs! When there is an issue with two kids not getting along, they talk to the mediator to have them figure out a solution. At the beginning of the year, train the kids on types of questions to ask to help solve the problem. Have the mediator help them find a solution they’re both happy with.
  26. Secretary- Whenever the classroom phone rings, have the student answer it by saying “Mrs. Smith’s classroom. This is (their name) speaking. How can I help you?”
  27. Gardener- This student is in charge of watering any classroom plants.
  28. Library Helper- The library helper makes sure all of the books are put back into the correct bins and shelves and that the classroom library looks nice.
  29. Door Holder- Holds the door open for the class to enter/exit rooms. Once they hold the door for the entire class, have them walk quickly back to the 2nd place in line so they are always ready to hold the door.
  30. Pencil Sharpener- Have two containers. One jar for dull pencils and one for sharp pencils. In the morning right when they get to class, have them sharpen all of the dull pencils, so all the pencils are ready for the day.
  31. Lights Person- Turns off the lights whenever you leave the classroom and turns them back on when the class returns.
  32. Photographer- This person is in charge of taking pictures throughout the week so remember what happened in your class.
  33. Table or Desk Captains- These students are the materials managers. They are in charge of handing out materials to each student. When you need dry erase markers and personal whiteboards, this student gets them and hands them out to everyone.
  34. Chair Stacker- If you don’t have all of your kids stack the chairs, then the chair stacker can stack all of the chairs at the end of the school day. Have a friend help them if they’d like.
  35. Morning Meeting Leader- This student can run your morning meeting! This is another one of my favorite jobs.
  36. Clean Up Crew- This student checks the other kids desks or tables to make sure everything is clean and organized. They’re also uncharge of keeping other areas of the classroom clean.
  37. Snack Helper- If you do breakfast or snacks in your classroom, this person is in charge of handing it out and cleaning up afterwards.
  38. Lunch Helper- This student is in charge of telling the office the lunch count for the day. They also carry all of the home lunches to the lunchroom.
  39. Shoes and Clothing Specialist- This person ties shoes if anyone shoes come untied. They make sure all of the jackets and coats are put away.
  40. Coupon/Ticket Helper- This student is in charge of passing out coupon or ticket if you use them in your classroom.
  41. Birthday Manager- This student is in charge of knowing students’ that have birthdays that week and singing to them during the morning meeting.
  42. Transitions Specialist- This person rings zen or wind chimes or any music maker you use to signal transition time.
  43. Recess Helper- If you take balls or equipment outside for recess, this student is in charge of taking them out to recess and back inside when recess is over.
  44. Class Announcer- This student writes on a sticky note where the class is any time the whole class leaves the classroom.
  45. Greeter- I love this job! This student stands at the door and welcomes everyone to class in the morning. You can teach them to say whatever you’d like. They can also have them say goodbye to everyone as they’re leaving the classroom to go home after school. I personally liked to say goodbye at the door to each of my students, but if you don’t do this, have it as a class job.
  46. Whiteboard Manager- This student erases the whiteboard at the end of each day, so it’s clean for the following day.
  47. Directions Assistant- This student helps any student who comes to class late. They explain to them what they’re doing and help them get settled in class. That way you don’t have to stop in the middle of a lesson to help a late student.
  48. Classroom Ambassador- This student is in charge of showing a new student everything about how the classroom works, and all of the routines, introducing them to everyone. They can also be the person a substitute teacher goes to if they have questions while you’re gone.
  49. Weather Reporter- They are in charge of checking the weather each day and updating it on the calendar.
  50. Bathroom Monitors- It’s best to have one boy and one girl each have this job. If you go to the bathroom as a class, it’s their job to help in the bathroom. They each use the bathroom first. Then, they call the next person in line as soon as a bathroom stall is empty. They also make sure no one is making a mess or playing in the bathroom.
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Displaying The Jobs

Find a good place in your classroom to display a classroom job chart. I made a poster board that had the different jobs written on both the left and right of the board. I wrote the students’ names on clothes pins.

Each Monday morning, I’d rotate them so the students got a new job. Ask your class if anyone needs a reminder about their own job.

I liked having enough jobs for each student, or almost each student, to have something to do. That way it was part of their routine to look at which job they had for the week and do it for the entire week.

Benefits Of Classroom Jobs

There are SO many benefits of having class jobs! My favorite one is that you don’t have to remember to do everything. The students love helping and being in charge of something. It is also a great way to teach them responsibility and give them a sense of community. I could go on and on about classroom jobs, but seriously, they are so good for your students and classroom!

The Bottom Line

Classroom jobs are amazing! I listed 50 classroom jobs, but feel free to only use your favorites. I hope I’ve convinced you to add classroom jobs to your class. They were a life savor for me!


What are some good classroom jobs?

Some great classroom jobs are line leader, bathroom monitor, mediator, chair stacker, classroom ambassador, greeter, and recess helper.

What roles are there in a classroom?

There are so many roles you can have in your classroom. Some of my favorites are directions assistant, transition specialists, lunch helper, coupon or ticket specialist, and clean up crew.

What are good classroom jobs for kindergarten?

Good kindergarten jobs are greeter, line leader, mediator, bathroom helper, snack helper, door holder, and pencil sharpener.

How do you create a classroom job?

To create a classroom job, just think about something during your day that you want help with and put a student in charge of it. If you don’t want to pass out papers, assign a student to do it.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you like the class jobs as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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