How to Turn a Coffee Mug into a Planter in 3 Steps

DIY coffee mug planter

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Coffee Mug Planters

Coffee mug planters are really cute and combine two great things: coffee and plants. They are a great way to upcycle a chipped or unusable mug. Or you can use a special mug to gift a plant or use as decor.

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finished coffee mug planter with succulents

I was given a special coffee mug that I wanted to display in my office. It originally was holding my pens, but I wanted to add some succulents that I purchased to make it a planter.

Can You Put a Plant in a Coffee Mug?

Absolutely! You just need to add drainage, potting soil, and your plant. Any coffee mug can be turned into a beautiful container for your plant.

Can You Drill a Hole in a Coffee Mug?

Yes, you can definitely drill a hole in a coffee mug. You just need a drill with a diamond tile drill bit. Drilling a hole in your mug will give you a drainage point so water can easily flow from your soil ensuring that your plant doesn’t rot from having too much water held around the roots.

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You don’t have to drill a hole in your mug to turn it into a planter though. We will be using a different drainage technique today. However, if you want your mug to have a drainage hole, you can check out this video on the best way to do that.

How to Turn a Coffee Mug into a Planter in 3 Easy Steps

Chances are you have a cute mug laying around that you’d like to put your plant in. If not, you can shop for a new one or grab one from your local thrift store. I had been gifted a really cute mug that I wanted to keep in my office and plant some succulents in it.

Step One: Add drainage

There are a few things you can do to create drainage in your mug. You can drill a hole, add a drainage layer, or use a container with drainage inside of your coffee mug. I am opting for the latter today. I saved a plastic container from the deli that I will be placing inside of my mug.

There is a link to a video above explaining how to drill a hole in your mug if you would prefer that route. Just make sure you have a saucer to place underneath your mug to catch the water. You can also add a layer or drainage by placing large rocks at the bottom of your mug. Many people choose to add activated charcoal as well to prevent mold/rotting.

We are starting out with this container that I saved. I made sure the width fit my mug well. You want some space between the bottom of your mug and the bottom of the container so water can drain freely.

I placed the container in my mug and measured where it went past the top of the mug so I could shorten it. Then, I cut drainage holes in the bottom with a box cutter.

Step Two: Add Potting Soil

Once you have your preferred drainage added, you will need to add soil. Choose a soil that works best for the type of plant you are planting. For mine, I used a succulent and cactus potting soil since I’ll be planting succulents.

Fill the mug with soil leaving enough room to add your plant(s). I put my mug inside of a plastic container to keep dirt from getting all over my kitchen since it was too cold to do this project outside.

Step Three: Add Your Plant

Poke holes in the soil or create a larger hole that is large enough for the roots of your plant to sit down in the soil. Add your plant or plants.

I had succulent cuttings that I had ordered and let sit out and callous before planting.

Taking Care of Your Mug Plant

Take care of your plant the way you would for a regular planter. You can research how much light and water works best for the type of plant you chose. Since I planted unrooted succulents, I did not add water right away.

I ended up with a really cute arrangement to put next to my computer in my office. I’d love to see the mug planter you make! Let me know how it goes.

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