10 Best 4th Of July Children’s Books

4th of july children's books

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I love reading holiday books to my kids. This list has the best 4th of July children’s books to help you decide which ones to get for your kids and add to your family summer reading book lists.

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#1 – The Night Before The Fourth Of July

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We love the Night Before series from Natasha Wing! They make these books for almost every holiday. In this book, they’re getting ready for the 4th of July by going to a parade and having a backyard BBQ.

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#2 – Fourth Of July

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Fourth of July is written by Emma Carlson Berne and illustrated by Luke Flowers. It’s a paperback book that includes online music access.

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#3 – The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country

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I’ve always loved The Berenstain Bears books and am so glad they have a 4th of July one. It is written by Mike Berenstain. In this book the bears go to a parade and they are learning about the freedoms in their country.

#4 – What Does It Mean To Be American?

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The authors of this book are Rana DiOrio and Elad Yoran. The illustrator is Nina Mata. This picture book teaches about unity, diversity, and what it means to be an American.

#5 – What Is America

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This board book was written by Michelle Medlock Adams and illustrated by Amy Wummer. This book teaches about the beliefs and values in America that make it different from other countries.

#6 – F Is For Flag

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F is For Flag teaches what flags mean and why they’re important. This book was written by Wendy Cheyette Lewison and illustrated by Barbara Duke.

#7 – Curious George Parade Day

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This Curious George board book was written by H.A. Rey. George gets into all kinds of mischief while waiting for the parade to start.

#8 – Daniel’s First Fireworks

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In this book, Daniel Tiger and his sister see fireworks for the first time. The book was adapted by Becky Friedman and illustrated by Jason Fruchter.

#9 – Corduroy’s Fourth Of July

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Corduroy and his friends have a picnic, swim in the pool, and go to a parade where Corduroy carries the American flag. This board book was created by Don Freeman and illustrated by Lisa McCue.

#10 – How To Make A Cherry Pie And See The USA

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Marjorie Priceman wrote and illustrated this picture book. A young baker travels the United States in search of things she needs for baking tools.

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