50 Best Experience Gift Ideas for Mom (2024)

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Experience Gifts for Mom

Experience gifts are a great option for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and holidays. Moms love getting to go do fun things with their families giving you a lot of experience gift opportunities that they will love. We also found that moms are saying that they could use a little more “me time”.

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When you are choosing an experience gift for Mom this year, think about things that you could do as a family or self-care things you could send her to do on her own. This is a great opportunity to start a new tradition and give Mom something she really wants.

As an added bonus, most of these experience gift ideas are perfect for last-minute gifting since you aren’t waiting for things to ship etc.

Why Choose an Experience Gift Over a Traditional Gift?

There are a lot of advantages of choosing an experience gift over a tradition gift. We love opting for an experience gift because you are giving an experience, or treasured memory, instead of an item.

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The idea of minimalism is growing because people have discovered that they have too much stuff laying around. It creates clutter and eventually, a lot of stuff gets tossed or donated. While traditional gifts are still nice, a lot of moms prefer experience gifts.

Experience Gift Ideas for Mom

Here are 50 different experience gifts ideas for mothers to help you pick one for your mom. We hope you find an idea that will light up her day!

Experience Gifts Just for Mom

1. Massage Gift Certificate

This is the ultimate gift of relaxation. Do some research and find a good massage therapist within a convenient distance for your mom to go to and get her a gift certificate.

book a massage as an experience gift for mom

2. Mani Pedi Gift Certificate

Another relaxing idea is a gift certificate to get a manicure and pedicure. Mom will get a foot massage and get her toenails and nails done. This is a simple way to make her feel good and get pampered.

3. Wine Subscription

There are a lot of wine subscription services that deliver on a routine basis. Sign her up for one and have the gift of wine delivered to her door. We tried the Winc subscription and really enjoyed it.

4. Makeup Subscription

Ipsy has one of the most popular makeup subscription boxes that you can sign Mom up for. This is a fun idea that will allow her to try new products and take some time out for herself.

5. Audiobook Subscription

We love giving Audible subscriptions as gifts. There is something for everyone to indulge in no matter who they are or what they like. This is a perfect idea for the person who is hard to shop for.

6. Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month and several other places will send you a new book to read every month. If your mom is a bookworm, this is an excellent gift.

7. Meal Kit Service

There are a bunch of meal service kits you can gift like HelloFresh and Blue Apron. Make sure the service you choose has food that fits into her diet and options that she would like. This a practical experience gift that will help her save time in the kitchen and try some new recipes.

8. Craftsy Membership

Craftsy.com has online classes for all things crafty. Gift Mom a year-long membership for access to fun classes on things like sewing, baking, knitting and drawing.

9. Second Language Classes

Rosetta Stone, Babbel, and DuoLingo are popular places that teach people different languages. You can gift Mom a subscription to learn another language. This is great for the mom who loves to learn or travel.

10. Getaway Gift Certificates

Airbnb, VRBO, and other rental sites offer gift certificate options. Gift one of these as a relaxing getaway.

11. Yoga Class Passes

If your mom likes or wants to try yoga, get her some passes to a local studio. She can relax and exercise with this fun gift idea.

12. Instrument Lessons

Find out where Mom can go locally to learn a new instrument or master one that she already owns.

13. Book a Float Therapy Session

Float therapy sessions are becoming a really popular way to relax. Book one for her to go relax in a quiet, weightless atmosphere.

14. Meditation Subscription

There are a lot of good apps that allow you to buy memberships for different meditations. Get one that will help Mom relax and learn how to meditate with guided sessions.

get mom a meditation subscription for an experience gift idea

15. Salon Gift Certificate

Get your mom a certificate to a salon so she can get her hair done. A lot of salons offer great packages to choose from as well.

16. Music Streaming Subscription

Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube offer great music streaming subscriptions that Mom can listen to ad-free. This is an easy, last-minute gift that you can grab quickly.

17. EBook Membership

Sribd and Kindle offer really great eBook memberships so Mom can read eBooks without having to have a bunch around the house. This is a good gift for a minimalist mom who wants to enjoy reading without the clutter.

18. Amazon Prime Membership

We love gifting Amazon Prime memberships for our family members who use their services. They get free, 2-day shipping on things they order. Plus, they get access to music, TV, and movies. We have set our grandma up with this and she loves it.

19. Seeds or Garden Kits

Does Mom like to garden? Get her some seeds for flowers or vegetables that she can start, and watch grow. We love plants as gifts because they are so enjoyable and affordable. There are a lot of great herb and vegetable kits to choose from too.

Experience Gifts for Mom to Enjoy with the Family

20. Go Out for a Meal

This one is simple but is always a winner. Leave the cooking to someone else and take Mom out to a new restaurant or one of her favorites. If you are going on Mother’s Day, make sure to call and schedule a reservation ahead of time so you aren’t stuck waiting.

21. Buy and Plant Flowers with Her

For Mother’s Day each year we always buy flowers with our mom and plant them in her front yard with her. This is so fun, and she gets to enjoy the flowers for a long time.

22. Breakfast in Bed

If you have kids at home, this is a fun way to involve them in making mom’s day special. Make her breakfast in bed and let her relax while she enjoys something yummy.

23. Book a Family Vacation

Book a vacation the whole family can go on and surprise Mom with it. There is something really special about a vacation that is already planned and set up.

24. Visit a Museum

If you have any cool, local museums around, take Mom out for a day and check them out.

25. Go Bowling

Bowling is another fun one with kids of any age. This is a fun family outing that Mom will enjoy.

go bowling with mom for a fun experience gift

26. Visit the Zoo

Visiting the zoo is another gift that the whole family can enjoy while you celebrate Mom. Check out the cute and interesting animals while you spend the day together.

27. Book a Rafting Trip

If your mom is more adventurous, book a whitewater rafting trip! This is one of our favorite things to do in the summer. There are usually places near the river that will take you on a guided trip so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

28. Play a Sport She Likes

Get the family together and play a game that Mom likes. Tennis, horseshoes, and badminton are fun options for family sporting games.

29. Have a Family Game Night/Day

If board or video games are more up your mom’s alley, spend a whole day or evening playing games as a family. You can play tournament style and declare a winner for the day.

30. Go on a Road Trip

Pack some snacks, find a cool destination to visit, and take a road trip together.

31. Visit a Casino

Take a gamble and visit a casino together! This is a fun idea for adult kids and their mothers. Playing slots or card games is fun and casinos usually have other fun activities to do while you’re there.

32. Go on Some Rides at a Theme Park

Visit a theme park and go on some rides with the whole family.

33. Beat an Escape Room

Find a local escape room and solve clues to get out of there together. We love these rooms and Groupon usually has some great deals for groups.

34. Try Geocaching

Geocaching.com allows you to create an account and go treasure hunting as a group.

35. Take Her Camping

If Mom loves the outdoors, find a fun camping spot and spend the weekend in nature as a family. Plan some fun activities like fishing, hiking, and swimming while you’re there.

36. Go to a Concert

If there is a singer or band coming to town, get tickets and give them to her as a gift.

37. See a Play

Check out which plays your local theater is putting on and grab tickets to one of them.

38. Go on a Winery or Brewery Tour

If Mom loves wine or craft beer, take her on a tour of different wineries or breweries in the area.

39. Book a Cruise

This idea is more elaborate but is an amazing experience gift. Book a cruise for the family and visit fun destinations.

40. Go to the Botanical Gardens

Check out botanical gardens near you. This is a great gift if Mom loves gardening or just walking around and enjoying a beautiful landscape.

visit the botanical gardens with your mother as a nice experience gift for mothers day or her birthday

41. Get Family Photos Done

Family photos are things Mom can cherish always. This is a great experience gift that will give her photos of the people she loves most.

42. Go to a Painting or Pottery Group Class

Get crafty together and do a group painting or pottery class. Everyone will have something to take home, or you can give everything made to Mom as a collection and memory of the day.

43. Complete a Project for Her Together

Has she been wanting to build a fire pit or work on something in the house? Make a fun day of getting things done for Mom that will save her from hiring the work out or trying to do it alone.

44. Go See a Movie

Get together and go see a movie that Mom is looking forward to seeing. Something with her favorite actors and a genre she likes would be a safe bet for purchasing tickets in advance. You can make a day of this idea and do something fun before or after seeing the film.

45. Go Hiking

Check out some local trails around Mom and go hiking together. Find out the necessary info beforehand to choose a family-friendly hike that everyone can enjoy. Pack a lunch or snacks to enjoy while hiking.

46. Take a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

If you are looking for experience gifts during hot air balloon season, this is an awesome experience idea. Hot air balloons are so unique and make for a fun adventure.

47. Volunteer Together

If Mom is the type to really enjoy volunteering, find something you can do as a family. Mom will enjoy giving back to the community and watching her family be a part of that.

48. Take a Glass-Blowing Class

Glass blowing is fun to watch and try. There are usually local places that will offer classes or let you come watch the experts. See what amazing artwork can be made.

49. Attend a Group Cooking Class

This is a good gift idea from adult children. Or you can see if there are kid-friendly classes near you. Either way, learning to cook a meal together is always a memorable experience.

take mom to a group cooking class for an experience gift instead of buying her a traditional gift

50. Go Horseback Riding

Horses are amazing creatures that not many people get to enjoy. Going horseback riding allows you to enjoy these animals and see some beautiful trails along the way. A lot of places offer group rides that your whole family can enjoy.

Choosing an Experience Gift for Mom

Will you get your mom an experience gift just for her? Or create a memory with the whole family in her honor?

Make sure to choose an activity Mom will enjoy that is focused on giving her a day of relaxation or fun. Moms do so much for us and deserve something special! Let us know what you are planning in the comments below.

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