Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets – BakeOn! Kit Number 3

dark chocolate raspberry tartlet

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The husband gave me a year of BakeonKit! for Christmas and this was my third kit. I previously shared my first attempt at making an entremet with the first kit and did some candy making with the second kit. Apologies as you read on – I got so involved in making the tartlets that I forgot to take pictures at some points along the way.

This new kit involved making tartlets. I will admit that I have made tartlets before – mini cheesecake tartlets and they were teenier, tinier and far less involved.

I am not going to share the recipe for the BakeOn! kit raspberry dark chocolate tartlets as it is not mine to share but I will show you how I got to the end result. You will see that it was a process – I learned a lot while making them and they are delicious.

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Raspberry Dark Chocolate Tartlets BakeOnKit!

The kit comes with most of what you need – the dry ingredients. You have to provide things like the fresh fruit, milk, cream butter, etc. A list of what is required is provided so you can be sure to have it on hand ahead of receiving the kit so you are good to go when it arrives.

I read the booklet and read it again so I would be prepared. There are also links to videos so you can see the process. I have found these to be helpful. The husband has had to help me access them as I am not the brightest when it comes to computer stuff. There are QR codes and my phone does work well with them but when I have to take photos using the codes doesn’t mesh, ya know?

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Making the Tart Shell

First up was making the dough for the tart shell. This was a dry, crumbling dough as is often the case with tart shells. It took some patience but it all came together into a rich, chocolatey, crispy base for the dessert.

The Fillings – Raspberry

Fresh raspberries were cooked down with a bit of lemon juice and sugar, then sieved and mixed with some gelatin to make a lovely gelee. It wasn’t too sweet and the raspberry flavor came through.

Chocolate Ganache

A classic – good semi sweet chocolate and heavy cream. Where can you go wrong? My only problem was keeping the husband out of the pot before the dessert was put together.

Caramel/Dulce de Leche

Who doesn’t love caramel? Not me! I could eat it by the bowl. For this project it was a simple as letting a can of sweetened condensed milk boil for hours. Then magic happens when you open the can. Yum. It’s technically dulce de leche but no matter what you call it, it’s delicious.

Raspberry Cremeaux

This is the only component where I had a problem. Mine did not set. It still tasted good, but it was more sauce than anything. Eh, taste is what matters, right?

Chocolate Topper

Pure semi sweet chocolate poured in a decorative pattern to top the tart.

Putting it All Together

Once all the components were made it was just a matter of putting the tartlets all together! The dulce du leche goes into the tart shell, some crunchy components which were included in the kit – dried raspberries and chocolate pearls – are sprinkled in, then the chocolate ganache, raspberry gelee, the raspberry cremeaux and fresh raspberries. Then the chocolate topper.

All in all a very impressive and very tasty dessert if I do say so myself.

BakeOn! Kit Thoughts

I have truly enjoyed my experience with my BakeOn! kits but this kit was a bit more challenging than the ones that came before. It was certainly good that I had a fair amount of experience in the kitchen before I embarked on it.

This kit in particular made a lot of well, extra. I have containers of caramel, ganache and raspberry gelee in the ‘fridge. Enough I believe to make another 5 tartlets if I desired. I would have preferred to have just made them all at once than to have all of this leftover well, stuff. I did not note the existence of all the leftovers in anything written up – perhaps I missed it? I don’t know. Don’t worry. Nothing is going to waste – we are eating it.

The kit provides most of what you need to make your treat and due to this you have a fair amount of trash which is of course an environmental concern. Some of it is recyclable but much of it is not.

You do receive some products that you can add to your kitchen gadget drawer. I know that I have used the items from my last boxes a couple of times already. It’s always fun to have new toys!

All in all I have been happy with BakeOnKit! and will happily await my last box and bonus chocolate and caramel decorating kit that I am due to receive. I will, of course report on both when I have them.

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