S’Mores Cookies

s'mores cookies

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Is there anyone that doesn’t love a s’mores? But sometimes you really want one but are far away from a fire and just can’t toast a marshmallow to put on graham crackers with some chocolate. But what if you could make s’mores cookies?

You can! And while there are a few steps involved they are not all that difficult to complete. You just need to make the graham cracker cookies, the marshmallow fluff, and melt the chocolate. Trust me, these are worth the time to make as they are delicious. The recipe is from Sweet Chic.

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S’mores Cookies

For the Graham Cracker Cookies:

For the Marshmallow Fluff

For the Chocolate Dip:

This is up to you really – I found that 4 squares of Baker’s Chocolate would coat about 6 s’mores to my satisfaction. 

dry ingredients for s'mores
  1. Whisk together the two flours, the wheat germ, salt, baking soda and cinnamon in a large bowl. Set aside.
  2.  In a stand mixer with the paddle attached beat the butter until light, about three minutes. Add the brown sugar, a bit at a time and continue beating until well combined and smooth. Drizzle in the honey.
  3. Scrape down the bowl. Add the flour mixture in two additions, mixing until just combined.
  4. Form the dough into a ball, wrap in plastic and refrigerate for at least an hour.
  5. Preheat oven to 350
  1. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and roll to about 1/4″ thickness. Cut with a biscuit cutter – I used 1 1/2″ rounds.
  2. Bake for about 8 minutes and check – the recipe said 15 but mine were done at 8 so I am just telling you what happened to me, in my oven. 
  3. Cool on a wire rack

Make the Marshmallow Fluff:

  1. Place the egg whites, corn syrup and salt into the bowl of stand mixer with the wire whip attached.
  2. Whip for at least 5 minutes until light and fluffy.
  3. Carefully add in the powdered sugar and vanilla until combined. Low speed recommended 

Make the S’mores:

  1. Lay the cookies out in pairs, one upside down for piping upon.
  2. Fill a piping bag with the marshmallow fluff – if you don’t have piping bags, just fill a zip bag and but off the corner.
  3. Pipe the fluff onto the bottom side of a cookie and cover.
  4. If desired, dip some of the cookies in melted chocolate.

How Were the S’Mores?

Mighty tasty. I am not going to say these are the easiest cookies to make because obviously there are a number of steps to accomplishing the final cookie but they are worth it. And you can probably be assured that you will be the only one showing up at the party with a plate of these for dessert.

If you don’t want to go the whole marshmallow route the cookies alone are very tasty and would be delicious with a chocolate drizzle. Or a little caramel in the center with a chocolate dip? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination….

Share this! Your friends will love it...

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