The Ultimate Fall Bucket List Ideas

Fall Bucket List Ideas (2)

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Fall is my favorite season. I’m just not a hot weather girl so fall means dropping temperatures and now where I live a crispness in the air. It’s hard not to love all things fall. If you need some new fall activities than this post of the ultimate fall bucket list ideas is going to be perfect for you.

Since so many people enjoyed my Summer Bucket List ideas post I thought that since I can’t be the only person who loves the fall season so a fall bucket list ideas post would be a great idea.

Outdoor Fall Bucket List Ideas

1. Go to a pumpkin Patch

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2. Jump in a pile of leaves

3. Play a game of football

4. Go hiking and see the changing leaves

5. Visit a haunted house

6. Go on a hayride

7. Have a bonfire

8. Make s’mores

9. Make a birdfeeder

10. Build a scarecrow

11. Play a game of soccer

12. Throw a football

13. Collect acorns and pinecones

14. Bob for apples

15. Do a 5k (I did this last year in October with my husband and daughter right before Halloween)

16. Plant flowers for spring\

17. Go camping

18. Go on a drive to see the fall colors

19. Have a fall picnic

20. Go for a bike ride

21. Take a daytrip to a nearby town and check it out

22. Go on a scavenger hunt with your kids Here is a scavenger hunt printable to give a try.

23. Build a treehouse

24. Go stargazing

25. Go fly a kite

26. Volunteer at a food bank

27. Go trick or treating

28. Go to the Park and Play

29. Enjoy a sunset/sunrise

30. Tailgate for a football game

Indoor Fall Bucket List Ideas

Since you may be choosing to spend more time indoors due to the ongoing pandemic. So I wanted to include plenty of fun indoor fall bucket list ideas. That way you can have fall fun and stay home.

1 Have a movie marathon

2. Make and drink apple cider

3. bake a pie

4. Have a football watching party

5. Read books

6 Play some board games

7. Decorate your home for Halloween

8. Carve up some pumpkins

9. Make caramel apples

10. do some fall crafts (Here are a ton of great fall craft ideas)

11. Host a chili cookoff

12. Bake pumpkin seeds

13. Drink a pumpkin latte or salted caramel like I do because I’m not a huge pumpkin fan but caramel is kind of fallish

14. Go camping indoors

15. Make your home smell like fall ( I personally love cinnamon scents for fall but you may like a different fall smell)

16. Make some homemade bread

17. Make a fall wreath

18. Watch a fall movie ( here are some great ones)

19. Make some soup to warm you up

20. Plan and make your Halloween costumes

21. Bake Fall shaped sugar cookies and decorate them. ( Here are some fall shaped cookie cutters, that I want to get because they are so cute)

22. Make a gratitude tree

23. Make a pinecone birdfeeder

24. Build a blanket and pillow fort

25. Make a scarf

26. Make and enjoy some fall trail mix

27. Learn a new skill

28. Do some scrapbooking

29. Do a family puzzle

30. Start journaling

I hope this list of the ultimate fall bucket list ideas helps you to enjoy this awesome season a little more. Fall is my favorite season and there is so much to do. To keep track of your bucket list I have included a printable with extra spaces to add your own activities for fall.

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