8 Creative & Tasty Ways To Use Leftover Or Hard Brownies!

what to do with hard brownies

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Have you tried softening the hard brownies? If not, find out the ways that work. Click here to read how to soften hard brownies.

You may still not want to put more effort into softening the brownies.

So, Are you wondering, “what to do with hard brownies?” or “what to do with leftover brownies?”

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You can be creative and use hard brownies in multiple ways.

Here are 8 ways you can use the leftover hard brownies.

1- Use As A Topping:

Never throw out dry or old brownies. They make a tasty, quick dessert topping. Using a food processor, you could crush brownies until they resemble coarse crumbs. The brownie will melt when broken into crumbs.

You can add them to a milkshake or ice cream sundae, creating a delectable and eye-pleasing treat.

2- Brownie Milkshake:

For those who adore chocolate, brownies are a terrific way to spice up a plain milkshake. It’s also simple. You’ll need milk, brownies, your favorite flavor of ice cream, and a blender.

Put all the ingredients listed above in your blender, then start blending. The result is an incredible brownie milkshake that will leave you speechless. You can add even more brownie pieces to the top of your milkshake.

3- Great Addition To Breakfast Cereal:

Make your breakfast more interesting by topping your cereal bowl with brownie chunks or crumbs, the milk in the cereal bowl will be absorbed by the brownie, making it soft and moist, and there you have a perfect bowl of cereal with a hint of chocolate.

4- Make IceCream:

Yes, you heard it right, you can even make ice cream out of brownies. This will be the perfect dessert for summer nights.

In a saucepan, heat cream, milk, and sugar over low heat to make a creamy mixture. Place them in a large cup and stir until they have a foamy texture.

Mix in the brownie pieces with some vanilla or other extract. Allow chilling overnight.

5- Use As Layers In Fruit Trifle:

A trifle with brownies is very similar to a trifle with other ingredients. The only change is that you’ll use leftover brownies instead of the sponge cake.

Fruits and chocolate are a wonderful combination. You can also soak brownie pieces with fruit juice, and the custard filling will seep through, giving your brownies an explosion of flavor.

6- Cake Topping Or Stuffing:

Follow your regular cake recipe, but instead of filling and coating it with frosting, add chunks of brownies in the center.

You can even decorate the cake by placing pieces of brownie on top. Instead of sprinkles, cover the sides and top of the cake with brownie crumbs.

7- Use In Pancakes:

Another creative way to use your brownie pieces is to make pancakes. These pancakes will taste like brownies. 

You can make these pancakes by first making the pancake batter. Add half a cup of brownie crumbs with half a cup of milk, and mix it to make a smooth batter. Pour it over a preheated griddle and cook as regular pancakes. Enjoy it with either chocolate syrup or pancake syrup.

8- Make Brownie Pops:

When life gives you brownies, make brownie pops. It is as simple as making cake pops. Just crumble the brownies, add buttercream, and roll them into balls. Coat it with melted white or dark chocolate. They are way more delicious than any store-bought cake pop.

As you can see, any leftover brownies should never be thrown away. There ought to be no such thing as a “leftover” brownie!

You can always do things with leftover brownies to make them even better than the first time you ate them.

Final words:

Leftover brownies are not wasted. You can make many delicious desserts using brownie crumbs or just adding them as they are.

I’ve listed many great ideas. Feel free to write in the comments section if you have something to share.

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