Broccoli, Brie and Ham Quiche – Recipe

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This week the Food Blogger’s Challenge called for a recipe with broccoli – just about my favorite vegetable! There were so many things that I could have made but I was in the mood for a quiche – don’t ask me why. Perhaps because I hadn’t had one in a while or maybe because I had sooooooo many eggs in the refrigerator – who knows. So quiche it was! I had brie left over from the asparagus recipe a couple of weeks ago so I thought I would add that in but I knew it would then need something to offset the slight bitterness of the cheese and broccoli’s lean towards sulfurous. Bacon wouldn’t do it so I went with ham as it has that slightly sweet flavor that would offset the other two. A touch of cayenne and I had a delicious dinner.

I went to take pictures of the process and my camera battery was dead – sorry about that – so I only have photos of the finished quiche and the plated dinner.

It smelled delicious when it came out of the oven.

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I made it with goat’s milk so it was going to be rich. The cheese melted in perfectly and the ham did just what I wanted it to. There was just the slightest bit of heat from the cayenne. The crust was light and flaky.

I thought a bit about what to serve with it; our lettuce and spinach isn’t in yet so I had to turn to my pantry.

I wanted something a bit acidic to cut the richness of the quiche so I went with a pickled cauliflower and orange salad. It was the perfect accompaniment.
We are going to have it again tonight for dinner and I suspect that it will be even better as the flavors meld together. I am quite pleased with how it came out.

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