325 Funny Cat Puns And Jokes That Are Purrfect!

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Are you looking for the purrfect list of cat puns and jokes?! These fancatstic puns are so funny everyone will love them!

I love cats! Cats are the easiest and best pets.

My family had a cat when I was growing up and I just loved him. We bought him when I was 7 years old and I got to help pick him out. His name was Smokey and he was a Russian Blue cat. He was the most purrific cat!

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Whether you are a crazy cat lady and have tons of cats, just have one, you’ll love these hilarious puns!

An older green eyed tan and black cat.

Cat Puns

  1. Stay Pawsitive!
  2. You’ve got to be kitten me.
  3. Happy Purrthday!
  4. I’m just kitten around.
  5. I think we should get meow-tried someday.
  6. That’s just clawful.
  7. You’re a furmixable opponent.
  8. I’m so furtunate.
  9. Let me tell you a tail.
  10. That’s a pawsibility.
  11. My cat is my best furend.
  12. That’s hissterical.
  13. He’ll go down in hisstory.
  14. You’ve got to be kitten me.
  15. Pawdon me.
  16. You look furmiliar.
  17. That’s pawsome.
  18. I live for cats.
  19. Don’t furget to buy more catnip.
  20. I’ll love my cat furever.
  21. That was a catastrophe.
  22. Keep up the meowmentum.
  23. Best fishes.
  24. Stay pawsitive!
  25. You’re glamourpuss.
  26. Don’t worry. Be tabby.
  27. My cat is radioactiveclaw.
  28. Meow you doin’?
  29. My cat has classhe went to kittygarten.
  30. Dogs are infuriour to cats.
  31. I’m feline sad.
  32. You’ve got purrsodality.
  33. I’ve got felines for you!
  34. Look at that meowntain.
  35. My cat is totally litterate.
  36. I am furever yours.
  37. Whisker me away.
  38. Things are going too fast, we need to put things on paws.
  39. Remain pawsitive.
  40. This is apawling.
  41. Please be pawlite and use your meow-ners.
  42. I’m a glamourpuss.
  43. You’re so purrsuasive.
  44. My favorite color is purple.
  45. Don’t be a sourpuss.
  46. Furgive me if I like my cat too much!
  47. Like my pawjamas?
  48. To know a cat is purr joy.
  49. Better call in clawenforcement.
  50. This place seem so furmiliar.
  51. I’m craving a purrito.
  52. These funny feline puns are not a-paw-ling!
  53. Can’t don’t like online shopping, they purr-fur cat-alogues.
  54. Check his vitail signs.
  55. If you cat has smelly breath give them some mouse wash.
  56. I have a cat with 8 legs. It’s called octopuss.
  57. An invisible cat’s favorite drink is evaporated milk.
  58. My cat loves litterature.
  59. Cats get so distracted by computers. They always have one eye on the mouse.
  60. I’m friends with an alley cat. She loves to go bowling.
  61. My cat is super athletic.
  62. You kicked out the cat? That’s a bit radiclaw.
  63. Those cats handed in an essay identical to mine. What a bunch of copycats!
  64. Are you furrreal?
  65. My cat went to nursing school. She wanted to be a first aid kit.
  66. It’s a paw-ssibility my cat ate your tuna sandwich.
  67. I caught my cat stealing food, what a pawpurrtrator.
  68. I’m surprised my cat passed their exams, they did the pawmeowminum!
  69. I can’t paw-form in these conditions!
  70. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. It’s catful.
  71. My cat’s gone missing! Better class clawenforcement.
  72. You’re so purrty.
  73. I’ll have a meowtine.
  74. I’m feline good.
  75. You’ve got to be kitten me right meow.
  76. I’m just kitten around.
  77. I can tell you have a secret. It’s kitten all over your face!
  78. It was kitten in the stars.
  79. As good as meow.
  80. Stop kitten around!
  81. All kitten aside, cat puns are the best puns.
  82. Meowy Christmas!
  83. You’re infurrior to me.
  84. That’s hissterical.
  85. I’m feline good.
  86. Cut the cattitude.
  87. Pawdon my language.
  88. You’re hilarimouse!
  89. That’s just clawful.
  90. You’re a furmidable opponent.
  91. That’s a bit radiclaw.
  92. Pawdon me.
  93. That was a catastrophe.
  94. Don’t be a sourpuss.
  95. You’ve got to be kitten me.
  96. I’m feline sad.
  97. I’ve got my thinking cat on.
  98. You’re freaking meowt.
  99. Cats are my pawsse.
  100. I need to take a paws.
  101. How clawsome is that?
  102. Can I pawlease have that?
  103. I’ve got attitude.
  104. Take meow for lunch.
  105. I love my cat the meows.
  106. Lookin’ good, feline good!
  107. I’ve done that befur.
  108. I’ve got a feline…that tonight’s going to be a good night.
  109. My cat is super athletic.
  110. I’m a totally cat purrson.
  111. This is such a meowgical moment.
  112. Never, fur do that again.
  113. It’s meow or never.
  114. Press paws and live in the meow.
  115. Any meownite.
  116. Will you meow me?
  117. How do you like me meow?
  118. Now wait a meowment…
  119. Meow are you doing?
  120. I love you, meow and forever.
  121. stop stressing meowt!
  122. Meow you’re talking!
  123. Enjoy every meowment.
  124. Here and meow.
  125. It’s meow or never.
  126. Press paws and live in the meow.
  127. Any meownite.
  128. Will you meow me?
  129. How do you like me meow?
  130. Meowzel tov!
  131. Now wait a meowment…
  132. Meow are you doing?
  133. I love you, meow and forever.
  134. Stop stressing meowt!
  135. Whisker while you work.
  136. Have a pawsome birthday!
  137. Have a pawsitivitely purrfect birthday!
  138. Happy purrrthday!
  139. Have a cat-tactic birthday!
  140. You’re how old?! You’ve got to be kitten me.
  141. Another birthday?! Not pawsible!
  142. Meow is the time to party!
  143. Happy birthday to one cool cat.
  144. Turn up the meows and let’s get this party started!
  145. Celebrating mew right meow!
  146. Happy birthday to meow!
  147. The Sound of Meowsic.
  148. Climb every meowtain.
  149. The Great Catsby.
  150. The rest is still unkitten.
  151. Downton Tabby.
  152. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang.
  153. Catatouille.
  154. The Devil Wears Pawda.
  155. Clawless.
  156. Meow you’re talking!
  157. Enjoy every meowment.
  158. Here and meow.
  159. Purrhaps we can cuddle later.
  160. My cat is so purrty.
  161. I love you purrse.
  162. My cat want a Furr-ari.
  163. I’ve got my thinking cat on.
  164. Wait a meow-ment.
  165. I’m litterly in love with you.
  166. You’ve got purr-sonality.
  167. I think we should get meowried someday.
  168. I’m so furtunate.
  169. Whisker me away.
  170. You’re my best furend.
  171. You’re purrfect just the way you are.
  172. I love you, meow and furever.
  173. You’re so purrsuasive.
  174. Wait a meowment.
  175. You’re pawsitively blushing.
  176. So fur, so good!
  177. Meow you doin?
  178. You are hissterical!
  179. I would love to kiss you, you have a beautiful mouse.
  180. I’ll have a meowtini.
  181. Girl, you’re looking feline!
  182. You look furmiliar.
  183. Live long and pawsper.
  184. You’re so purrty.
  185. Can we press paws on this relationship?
  186. I love your purrse.
  187. I’ve got my thinking cat on.
  188. You’ve got to be kitten me!
  189. Wait a meowment.
  190. Cat got your tongue?
  191. Is your feline friend having a catastrophe?
  192. Are you hissterical over your cat’s shenanigans?
  193. Our cat has a crazy purrsonality.
  194. Incatceivable!
  195. We adopted our cat, not sure his hisstory.
  196. Watch that attitude!
  197. Some felines have a cattitude.
  198. We love to wear our pawjamas with our cats at night.
  199. How purrsuasive is your cat?
  200. What a catastrophe!
  201. Our fave story is Great Catsby and Shakespurr.
  202. We are not kitten around about the above novels!
  203. Do you believe in Santa Claws? She’s awful purrty.
  204. I couldn’t have been a cattender! I could have been somepawdy!
  205. Cats are litterally the best animal on the planet.
  206. Livin’ in a gansta’s purradise.
  207. Do you have a self pawtrait of your cat hanging on the wall?
  208. Everything but the kitten sink!
  209. The pawlease showed up at our house, thanks to our cat claw enforcement solved the crime.
  210. We were positively blown away when we found out our cat’s favorite color…purrple.
  211. Some cats are purrfect! Purrhaps all cats are perfect felines!
  212. We went to the store but furgot to purrchase a new toy.
  213. When your kitty lyes on your laptop, she’s just trying to turn you into a purrcrastinator.
  214. You have cat to be kitten me right meow.
Five adorable grey and white kittens with blue eyes in a basket.

Cat Jokes

  1. What’s a cat’s favorite cereal? Mice Krispies.
  2. What is every cat’s favorite book? The Great Catsby.
  3. Why did the cats ask for a piano? They wanted to make meowsic.
  4. What is a cat’s favorite historical site? The Egyptian purramids.
  5. What do you call a cat teacher? A purrfessor.
  6. Which day of the week do cats love the most? Caturday.
  7. What’s a cat’s favorite TV show? Claw and Order.
  8. What is a cat’s favorite vegetable? Aspurragus.
  9. What is a cat’s favorite discount? Buy one, get one furry.
  10. Why are cats so good at video games? Because they have 9 lives, of course!
  11. What do you call it when you’re herding cats? A cat’l drive.
  12. What is a cat’s favorite color? Purrple.
  13. Why did the dog let the cat sleep in his dog bed? The cat had a claws in his contract.
  14. What is a cat’s favorite dessert? Mice-cream cone.
  15. What is a cat’s second favorite dessert? Chocolate mouse.
  16. How many cats does it take to screw in a light bulb? Please! They have people furr that.
  17. Why can’t you play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!
  18. Where to cats go when they die? Purrgatory.
  19. What is cat’s favorite day of the week? Caturday.
  20. What is a cat’s favorite subject at school? Hissstory.
  21. Why are cats afraid of trees? Because of their bark!
  22. What is a cat’s favorite magazine? Good Mousekeeping.
  23. What do you call a cat in a suit of armor? A knight prowler.
  24. What’s the Cheshire Cat’s favorite drink? Evaporated milk.
  25. What do you call a fluffy male cat asleep on the sofa? Himalayan.
  26. What do you call a nice girl cat that plays the piano? A meowsician.
  27. Why couldn’t the kitty see well? He had cataracts.
  28. What is a cat’s favorite game? Mouse Trap.
  29. What did the cat say after making a joke? “Just kitten!”
  30. Why wasn’t the cat punished for teasing the dog? He was just kitten around.
  31. Another new cat owner made a joke about my three-legged cat. Huge faux paw.
  32. What caused the cat to fall from the tree? A cataclysmic event.
  33. What’s a cat’s favorite kind of sports car? A Furrari.
  34. How did the engineers determine the dog was in a cat fight? Simple claws and effect analysis.
  35. What word do millennial cats overuse? Litter-ally.
  36. What do Christmas and desert cats have in common? Sandy claws.
  37. Why do cats prefer wizards to witches? Sorcerers sometimes have milk in them.
  38. What do cats like to draw? Self paw-traits.
  39. How did the lazy kittens do on their school project? The bare meownimum.
  40. What is every kitten’s favorite movie? The Little Purrmaid.
  41. What did one cat say to another? You’re my best fur-end.
  42. Why do cats have minty breath? They use mousewash.
  43. How do cats resolve an argument? They hiss and make up.
  44. Why do you have to watch out when it’s raining cats and dogs? You might step in a Poodle!
  45. Why did the mom cat get fined? She was caught littering.
  46. What’s smarter than a talking cat? A spelling bee.
  47. What do you call a cat that loves bowling? An alley cat.
  48. What’s the best medicine for cat allergies? An antihisstamine.
  49. Why don’t cats like online shopping? The prefer catalogues.
  50. What do you call a female cat that gets caught by the police? A purrpatrator.
  51. Why are baby cats bad storytellers? They only have one tail!
  52. Why didn’t the cat want to cross the road? Because it was a scaredy cat.
  53. If a cat loses its tail, where does it go? The re-tail store.
  54. Why do cats hate shopping online? They prefer browsing through catalogues.
  55. Why do cats like to lie on computers? To keep an eye on the mouse.
  56. What’s the unluckiest kind of adult cat to have? A catastrophe!
  57. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Kitten. Kitten who? Quit kitten around and open the door.
An orange cat is sleeping.

Cat Food Puns

  1. Baked purrtato
  2. Cappurrcino
  3. Avocatto
  4. Meowtini
  5. Pawsta
  6. Focattia
  7. Hampurrger
  8. Purrito
  9. Catpuccino
  10. Tempurra
  11. Marshmeowlow
  12. Pawpcorn
  13. Biscatti
  14. Purrseco
  15. Watermeowon

Cat Pun Names

  1. Cat Benatar
  2. Billy Bobtail Thornton
  3. Clawdia Sniffer
  4. Catniss
  5. Bing Clawsby
  6. Cleocatra
  7. Catpernicus
  8. Butch Catsidy
  9. Darth Meowl
  10. Catzilla
  11. David Meowie
  12. Cindy Clawford
  13. Draco Meowfoy
  14. Bohemian Catsody
  15. Catalie Portman
  16. Catanova
  17. Don Kittyote
  18. Cleocatra
  19. Catnip Everdeen
  20. F. Scott Fitzferal
  21. Harry Pawter
  22. Ferris Meowller
  23. Catticus Finch
  24. Fidel Catstro
  25. Furgie
  26. Kitty Purry
  27. Harry Pawter
  28. Leonardo DiCatrio
  29. Catperniucus
  30. Meowly Cyrus
  31. Cat Damon
  32. Notorious C.A.T.
  33. Catman
  34. JK Meowling
  35. Paw McCartney
  36. Kitty Purry
  37. Catthew McConaughey
  38. Luke Skywhisker
  39. Santa Claws
  40. Meowbacca
  41. Sir Isaac Meowton
  42. Meowby Dick
  43. Sir Catrick Stewart
  44. Meowly Cyrus
  45. William Shakespaw
  46. Pawcahontas
  47. Santa Claws or Santa Paws
  48. Nathaniel Pawthorne
  49. Paw Revere
  50. Cindy Crawford
  51. Pablo Picatso
An orange kitten is sitting on a couch looking at the camera.

How To Write Your Own Pun

Trying to write your own good cat puns? You totally cat.

[cboxarea id="cbox-IVEtmKHDExiTjpDi"]

Just say a cat word like feline, paws, purr, fur, or kitten over and over a few times. Listen and try to think of other words they sound like.

Now, you can write a pun like, “That’s fan-cat-stic!”

Have fun writing your very own puns!

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Final Thoughts:

I hope you like these funny cat puns and jokes as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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