185 Best Ice Puns That Will Freeze You!

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Are you looking for the best ice puns and jokes? Ice have got the best list right here. You won’t befreeze what you’re hearing!

Ice puns are the coolest! Are you ready for some funny ice puns?!

You’re going to laugh yourself chilly! What, you don’t befreeze me?

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Hold on to your sheets. I’ve got some ice things in store for you!

This is a snow covered forest that's a winter wonderland.

Ice Puns

I’m going to go for it and freeze the day with these ice puns!

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  1. You look as floe you’ve seen a ghost.
  2. When my ice house breaks igloo it back together!
  3. Walking onto a frozen pond is a great ice breaker…
  4. Water the odds?
  5. Trick or sleet!
  6. Come hail or high water.
  7. Chunk mail.
  8. Fancy sleeting you here!
  9. Lock him up and snow away the key.
  10. Thaw about yourself.
  11. The birds and the freeze.
  12. Have you melt them before?
  13. Sometimes life is sugar and spice and all things ice.
  14. The final snow down.
  15. Naughty but ice.
  16. I only have ice for you.
  17. The blizzard of Oz.
  18. As hail as can be expected.
  19. All I chilly want to do is spend time with you.
  20. Enjoy the ice of life.
  21. Look at the froze.
  22. I’ve been there once or ice.
  23. Friends or froze?
  24. A better chill to swallow.
  25. Don’t call ice. We’ll call you.
  26. Having a hail of a time.
  27. For all freeze years.
  28. Give someone hail.
  29. Accidents chill happen.
  30. Want to snow a secret?
  31. Once bitten, ice shy.
  32. Another hail in the coffin.
  33. This ice was water before it was cool.
  34. He wintry that way.
  35. I’m always very chill.
  36. Icy your true colors.
  37. Sorry for giving you the cold shoulder.
  38. A rolling hailstone gathers no moss.
  39. I only have ice for you!
  40. Can’t snow me down.
  41. Junk in the chunk.
  42. License to chill.
  43. Hi, have an ice day!
  44. Go for it and freeze the day.
  45. Strike a froze.
  46. Everyone’s a winter here.
  47. Avert your ice.
  48. Back to cool.
  49. Please be back by nine, without hail.
  50. Say freeze!
  51. Let’s cool it a day.
  52. I’m fighting tooth and hail to keep this going.
  53. Icy come, icy go.
  54. Ace in the hail.
  55. Keep a snow profile.
  56. Gone down the cube.
  57. Cold and unusual punishment.
  58. Calling them like icy them.
  59. I came, I thawed, I conquered.
  60. We must be a handful. I bet mom loves the odd kid freeze days.
  61. An icicle built for two.
  62. Icy what you did there.
  63. It was only an accident. Freeze things happen.
  64. On the grand hail.
  65. Just one of froze things.
  66. Any way the wind froze.
  67. Sorry, ice cream when I’m excited.
  68. Strike a froze.
  69. Don’t cold your breath.
  70. I am the frozen one.
  71. It’s snow laughing matter.
  72. Make a list, check it ice.
  73. That’s so cool, really the bees freeze.
  74. This is a great opportunity. Go for it and freeze the day.
  75. All dressed up and snowhere to go.
  76. Ice and easy does it.
  77. Prices slushed!
  78. Highs and froze.
  79. The best ice pun is the freeze’s knees!
  80. Express hail.
  81. Snow it back in your face.
  82. Don’t call ice, we’ll call you.
  83. It’s so beautiful. It could bring tears to your ice.
  84. Bit off thaw than you can chew.
  85. Let’s get a different brrspective.
  86. Glacial recognition.
  87. Don’t give up the chip.
  88. Fancy sheeting you here.
  89. I love this ice cream shop. Today they have buy one get one freeze offers.
  90. All hail broke loose.
  91. A stone’s floe away.
  92. My sister and I are as different as chalk and freeze.
  93. With ice cream, anything is popsicle.
  94. Any way you ice it.
  95. Would you like freeze with that?
  96. Get out of hail free.
  97. I’m looking to ice things up.
  98. Let’s roll the ice.
  99. At a moment’s snow-tice.
  100. That’s the ice you pay.
  101. Sharpen your chills.
  102. This is a really cool party!
  103. The best thing since iced bread.
  104. Water we doing here?
  105. A drifty solution.
  106. Brash it off.
  107. Chill your guts.
  108. Hail never find us here!
  109. What an ice thing to say.
  110. I’m on the ice list this year.
  111. Before your very ice.
  112. I thaw both sides.
  113. Over the hails and far away.
  114. All’s hail that ends hail.
  115. I’m just calling ’em as icy ’em.
  116. Seriously floe, you’re doing a great job.
  117. Get hail soon.
  118. An ice up your sleeve.
  119. Once or ice.
  120. An all time floe.
  121. Variety is the ice of life.
  122. Any way the wind froze.
  123. Don’t I snow it!
  124. Ice versa.
  125. Icy as ABC.
  126. It’s not icy being this cool.
  127. I had a really good final ice pun to tell you, but it slipped my mind.
A happy snowman wearing a red and white hat and scarf is holding a red shovel.

Ice Jokes

Ice have no intentions of snowing down now! Here are the coolest ice jokes:

  1. What did the man say after he slipped and fell on the ice? Nothing, he just gave everyone the cold shoulder.
  2. Why should anyone experiment with thin ice? To achieve a major breakthrough.
  3. I had the best ice cream puns to tell you…problem is, they slipped my mind.
  4. What are there so many ruts in the ice at the rink? The maintenance crew must be slipping up.
  5. What’s every ice cream parlor owner’s side hustle? Sundae school teacher.
  6. What did the man say when his wife asked if he remembered to get the coffee with ice cream inside it? “Sorry! Affogato!”
  7. What happens when an ice cube gets angry? It boils with anger, then lets off some steam.
  8. Why couldn’t anyone get a job at the ice rink? There was a hiring freeze.
  9. Why did the girl walk into the ice cream store with an umbrella? She heard there was going to be sprinkles.
  10. There weren’t enough lifeboats on the Titanic. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.
  11. A man was going to sleep in a bucket of ice, but then he got cold feel.
  12. If you want to serve a polar bear a drink before bed, just give him an ice-cap.
  13. Why did the strangers walk out onto the frozen pond? They figured it was the best way to break the ice.
  14. What happens when you’re alone and you get too cold? You’re totally ice-olated.
  15. Why should anyone experiment with thin ice? It’s the best way to achieve a major breakthrough.
  16. What did the ice cube say? I was water before it was cool.
  17. What did the ice say to the fire? Fire listen, you might be hotter, but I’m cooler.
  18. Nobody is born cool, except of course…an ice cube.
  19. What did one ice cube say to another? You’re so cool.
  20. Do you understand our math homework? I can’t make head nor hail of it.
  21. Penguins are never full from dinner. They like to have ice-pudding dessert.
  22. Do you know what batman loves to eat? His diet isn’t very varied. He just loves just-ice.
  23. Did you hear about the traveling snowman? He did his sales calls by i-cicle.
  24. Why do Eskimos build so many igloos? Because they love to ice-o-late themselves.
  25. Why is a polar bear a cheap pet to have? Because it lives on ice.
  26. How did the hipster drown? He ice-skated before it was cool.
  27. My sister once froze a dollar in a block of ice. It was cold hard cash.
  28. What do you call kids that love to spend time on the ice? Chill-dren.
  29. What do you call an ice skating dwarf? A midget spinner.
  30. What do superheroes put in their drinks? Just ice!
  31. Did you hear about the adventurous snowman? He had quite the ice-capade.
  32. Did you hear the winter version of one of Queen’s hit songs? They renamed it B-ice-ycle Race.
  33. What does the queen want on her cookie? Royal icing.
  34. What’s the difference between an iceberg and a clothes brush? One crushes boats and the other brushes coats.
  35. How do Eskimos make their beds? With sheets of ice and blankets of snow!
  36. Why is slippery ice like music? Because if you don’t C sharp, you’ll B flat!
  37. What did the iceberg take-away have on its menu? Freshly caught ice-skate.
  38. What kind of birthday cake does Elsa like? The kind with loads of frosting and icing!
  39. If an Eskimo’s ice house starts falling apart, they’ll just ig-loo it back together.
  40. Why did the bride refuse to get married in the igloo? Because she got cold feet!
  41. Remember that famous game show host? Hi motto was “ice to see you to see you ice”!
  42. Did you hear the arctic circle has its own toy store? They call it Fisher Ice.
  43. It’s so cold you have to open up the fridge to heat the house.
  44. Do you know what Jack Frost likes to eat? He always orders ice-bergers.
  45. I know an Eskimo that always wanted to go to space. I think he’d make a great ice-tronaut.
  46. How do you know if there was a snowman in your bed? You wake up wet!
  47. Where do seals go to see the movies? The dive-in!
  48. What do you call a frozen crocodile? A croc-ice
  49. It is so cold we did not clean the house, we just defrosted it.
  50. If you live in an igloo, what is the worst thing about global warming? No privacy!
  51. Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice!
  52. What is the best meal to eat in an igloo? Brr-eakfast!
  53. Elton John isn’t really into icebergs. He’s more a Rocket man.
  54. What did the arctic road say to the truck? Want to go for a spin?
  55. If “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” was filmed on a snowy mountain, what would the celebrities eat? Ice and beans.
  56. What do you call a slow skier? A slope-poke!
  57. What do you call a cat on ice? One cool cat!
  58. How do you get an ice cube to melt faster? Talk to it and get into a heated argument.

The bottom line is you can’t go wrong with ice puns and jokes. They’re very ice!

Someone wearing blue mittens is holding a huge snowflake while it snows.

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Final Thoughts On Ice Puns:

I hope you like these puns and jokes as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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