155 Best Chocolate Puns And Jokes That Are So Sweet!

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Looking for the ultimate chocolate puns and jokes? I’ve got the funniest list for you. Get ready to truffle!

I LOVE chocolate. I mean who doesn’t?!

A few years ago, I met someone who said they didn’t like chocolate and I couldn’t believe it.

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I eat chocolate every. single. day! If you like chocolate as much as I do, you’ll LOVE these sweet puns and jokes.

You won’t be able to Reese’st them!

A closeup of multicolored M&M's.

Chocolate Puns

Here is a huge list of chocolate puns I know you’ll love!

  1. I love you a choco-lat!
  2. You make me melt.
  3. Wake me up before you cocoa!
  4. Sorry this is choco-late.
  5. I knew you were truffle when you walked in.
  6. Sorry, I’ve been bitter.
  7. Wishing you a birthday that’s choc full of fun!
  8. Gonna get chip faced.
  9. Your kiss, your (chocolate) kiss is on my list.
  10. Hot chocolate warms my insides.
  11. Oh fudge!
  12. Don’t fight with me over chocolate, I am not someone to be truffled with.
  13. This will come in candy someday.
  14. Don’t be choco-late.
  15. To the chocolate lovers, seven days without a bar makes one weak.
  16. Choc it up to experience.
  17. This is going to be choc full of fun.
  18. I’m in a lot of truffle.
  19. Life is like a box of chocolates-full of nuts.
  20. Come to the dark side.
  21. Chocolate? Here you bar.
  22. In life, the rule of thumb is, don’t bite more than you can chew unless it is chocolate.
  23. Chocolate coins are mint to be eaten.
  24. I love you dairy much.
  25. Nothing is more romantic than chocolate.
  26. Dip it in chocolate, it’s be fine.
  27. Hot croc-olate.
  28. I am cocoa-nuts about you.
  29. I knew you were truffle when you walk in.
  30. You are too sweet.
  31. I only eat chocolate for you, so there will be more of me to love.

Candy Bar Puns

These candy bar puns are so sweet they’ll make your teeth hurt!

  1. Whenever I try to eat healthy, a chocolate bar looks at me and snickers.
  2. Just twirl around and you won’t see it snickering.
  3. You’re my kinder girl.
  4. Be kinder to me.
  5. I can’t Reese’st you!
  6. This will definitely come in candy.
  7. I’ve got a few Twix up my sleeve.
  8. You are the Kit Kat’s meow.
  9. I won’t let you slip through my Butter Fingers.
  10. I like the way you Rolo.
  11. I heard you like rebels…not to brag but, once I had an After Eight at seven-thirty.
  12. Feeling so much Almond Joy.
  13. This is kinder sweet.
  14. It’s important to take a break (Kit-Kat bar).
  15. It started with a Hershey’s kiss.
  16. Nothing shall come betwixt my candy and I.
  17. I’m in a bit of a Crunch writing this chocolate pun.
  18. There are so many Reese-ons why chocolates and peanut butter are a great combo.
  19. You stole a Reese’s Piece of my heart.
  20. You are the brightest star in the Milky Way.
  21. There are so many Reese’ons why you’re the best.

Chocolate Jokes

Here are the BEST chocolate jokes!

  1. I heard some chocolate jokes for kids the other day, but it wasn’t that funny and only got Snickers out of me.
  2. What kind of candy is never on time? Choco-late.
  3. What is a chocolate covered car called? Ferrari Rocher.
  4. I’ve got two mars bars, three snickers, a Twix, and a kinder. Somehow, I’m just not cut out to be a bounty hunter.
  5. I just ate too much chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows. I won’t lie, it was a Rocky Road.
  6. Those who invest in chocolate put their money behind bars.
  7. What do you call a cow with a stutter? Cacao.
  8. What do you call Chewbacca when he has chocolate stuck in his hair? Chocolate Chip Cookie.
  9. Have you heard about the chocolate box thief? He’s always got a few Twix up his sleeve.
  10. The reason he went smiling all the way to the jail is because the judge sentenced him to a life behind chocolate bars.
  11. I’m chocolate to my appointment!
  12. I can’t help but laugh a little when I see a pun about chocolate bars…snickers.
  13. I love the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. They smell just like burned toast.
  14. The chocolate couple decided to rent a two bedroom sweet for their summer honeymoon.
  15. In life, the rule of thumb is, don’t bite more than you can chew unless it is chocolate.
  16. I was walking on the street the other day, and someone threw some milk chocolate bars at me. How dairy!
  17. There was a guy who once tried eating four chocolate bars all at once. He became Mr. Choke-a-lot.
  18. What do you call a lamb dipped in chocolate? A chocolate baa.
  19. What kind of chocolate do you find in the fluff catching drawer of the dryer? Lindt.
  20. Yesterday, I stole half of my friend’s Kit Kat. Today, they did the same to me. I guess it was Kit for Kat.
  21. I ordered two chocolate clocks from Amazon a few weeks ago and they haven’t arrived yet. They’re sure taking their very sweet time getting there.
  22. What is the spookiest type of chocolate? Kinder Boo-enos.
  23. What kind of chocolate bar can you eat in a library? A Wispa.
  24. The person who handled customer transactions in the Chocolate Bank quit his job. So the bank hired a Nutella.
  25. What type of chocolate do they sell at the airport? Plane chocolate!
  26. What do cannibals eat for dessert? Chocolate covered aunts.
  27. How do you know it’s cold outside? When you milk a brown cow you get chocolate ice cream.
  28. What type of bar is kid friendly? A chocolate bar.
  29. How does white chocolate turn into dark chocolate? Turn off the lights.
  30. What is the suns favorite chocolate bar? A Milky Way.
  31. What do you get when you dip a kitten in chocolate? A Kitty Kat bar.
  32. Why isn’t there an organization like Chocoholics Anonymous? Because nobody wants to quit.
  33. What is a monkey’s favorite cookie? Chocolate chimp!
  34. Why did Oreo go to the dentist? Because he lost his filling!
  35. What is the name of the dancing chocolate bar? Nestle Crunk bar.
  36. What is a Malaysian chocolate factory called? Oompa Lumpur.
  37. Why did the farmer buy a brown cow? He wanted chocolate milk.
  38. What is the best part of Valentine’s Day? The day after, when all the chocolate goes on sale.
  39. What was Valentine’s favorite dessert for the French cat? Chocolate mousse.
  40. If Bob has 30 chocolate bars and eats 25, what does he have? Diabetes.
  41. What fruit loves chocolate? A cocoa nut.
  42. What is the difference between a cow that produces normal milk and a cow that produces chocolate milk? A mutation.
  43. How sweet is only for girls? Her-shey’s kisses.
  44. What is the chemical formula of the molecules in sweets? Carbon-holmuim-cobalt-lanthanum-tellurium or CHoCoLaTe.
  45. What is a dessert called with an extra chromosome? A chocolate downie.
  46. I once heard about a chocolate box thief who never left a clue at his crime scenes. In the press interview, the police said the thief has always got some Twix up his sleeve.
  47. The judge in Candyland sentenced a criminal, but the criminal went to jail smiling because he loves chocolate bars!

Candy Bar Jokes

I hope you love these candy bar jokes!

  1. The Oreo decided to go to the dentist. It was because it lost it’s filling.
  2. The other day, an interviewer asked the astronauts about their favorite type of chocolate. They all said “the Mars bar”.
  3. The conspiracy theories convention was a lot like a box of chocolate. It was all full of nuts.
  4. The person who handled customer transactions in the Chocolate Bank quit his job. So the bank hired a Nutella.
  5. An ant suddenly fell into a tub full of chocolate. It’s now known as the decad-ant.
  6. Each slice of chocolate pie has about 3.14159265 grams of protein in it.
  7. The price of chocolate has recently skyrocketed. Last week, I bought a Milky Way, a mars, and a galaxy. the bill was unbelievably astronomical.
  8. Two chocolates were clinging to the side of a cliff and trying not to fall. One chocolate said to the other, “I’m not letting you slip through these Butter Fingers”.
  9. Two chocolates had a baby. The sweet baby made their heart Starburst.
  10. The chocolate parents were going through a Sour Patch. But they made it through.
  11. Everyone was looking at the chocolate at school. It was doing some awesome Flipz.
  12. The little chocolate Reese-ently told her parents much she appreciates them.
  13. All the chocolates were having a Jolly good time at the Christmas party.
  14. The hipster burned his mouth on his hot chocolate as he drank it all before it was cool.
  15. If the Flintstones dressed up as chocolates on Halloween they would be Cocoa pebbles.
  16. I accidentally washed some chocolates and they ended up in the dryer. But it’s okay. The Lindt trap will catch them.
  17. All the snakes like a particular kind of chocolate. It’s Hershey’s Hiss.
  18. I don’t ever buy any trail mix without chocolate or dried fruits. It’s just nuts.
  19. My sister works in a chocolate shop. She’s been working behind the bar.
  20. The chocolate robbers brought a sports car to rob the house. They wanted a Quick getaway.
  21. There was a chocolate Easter bunny that had been running too long in the sun. It became a runny bunny.
  22. I recently ate a full jar of chocolate spread. Now it you see my dietician, you better Nutella!
  23. My friend just told me she has a chocolate lab. Gotta tell you, I was pretty disappointed when I found out it’s a dog and not a place.
  24. The favorite ice cream flavor of any electrician is sock-a-lot.
  25. I quite like breaking the rules. The other day, I had an After Eight just after half-past seven.
  26. I was walking on the street the other day, and someone threw some milk chocolate bars at me. How dairy!
  27. I saw that a few people were arguing over a little piece of orange chocolate. That was Terry vying.
  28. The other day I had gone to see the world’s largest chocolate ice cream and I thought I’d definitely like to see any person top that.
  29. The type of candy bar that an employee craves before the weekend is a Pay Day.
  30. The baby chocolate birds were very happy when they finally found a tree to Nestle in.
  31. If you cross chocolate, a big strawberry, ice, cold milk, and a giant pineapple in your free time on the weekend, you’d get the world’s greatest Sundae.
  32. One day all the chocolate bars planned and executed a surprise birthday party for their friend. They just wanted to hear “Wow! Oh, Henry! This is wonderful.”
  33. There was a candy in school that made fun of everyone. It’s name was Tootsie Trolls.
  34. A Korean martial artist was selling some chocolate bars. I asked if I could take two. He told me, “No, you can take-won-do.”
  35. I ate some chocolate without telling my mom. So, she started scolding me when I said, “But, aren’t chocolate coins mint to be eaten?”
  36. One day a friend of mine told me that she didn’t like the taste of Dove. I just told her, “You’re supposed to eat Dove Chocolate, not soap.”
  37. The FDA recently mandated every chocolate has to at least contain 15% cacao instead of the regular 12%. I looks like they’ve raised the chocolate bar.
  38. During Christmas the chocolate tailor was worried if he could make enough clothes for his customers as he did not have enough lindt.
  39. They gave us some mint chocolates last night for dessert at the prison. I thought it’d be gross, but they were pretty good. As it turns out, in-prison-mint isn’t that bad.
  40. The favorite chocolate bar of every bus driver is a Double Decker.
  41. I made a half-gallon of tea last night mixing it with some chocolate. It wasn’t really chocolate, it just was a little chocolate-tea. One day a chocolate chip went on a trip and its ship broke down. It found an island to live on, now known as the Deserted island.
  42. A pirate the other day accidentally spilled some of his chocolate drink inside a container of orange juice and he started singing “Too-hoo in the bottle of an orange juice”.
  43. The favorite chocolate of any Australian is Koala-ty street.
  44. All the ghouls like one particular chocolate. It’s Hearse-sheys.
  45. The spookiest kind of all the chocolate is Kinder Boo-enos.
  46. You should always use a Lindt roller to get chocolate off of your shirt.
  47. Chocolate cakes are not really good friends because they have a habit of dessert-ing people.
  48. The favorite chocolate of any big movie star is GoDIVA.
  49. A company once started making cat-shaped chocolates. They named it Kit Cat.
  50. If you have a chocolate car, you’ll always have to start the car with Yorkies.
  51. All the single chocolate bars had one favorite social media platform. It’s Kinder.
  52. The chocolate that has its name in the Baseball Hall of Fame is Baby Ruth.
  53. We had a cow that had a stutter. Everyone called it Cacao.
  54. Whenever the chocolate teacher tries to catch the mischievous chocolate boy he Skittles away.
  55. There are so many Reese-ons why chocolates are the best thing in the world.
Two cups of creamy chocolate pudding with pomegranates.

Write Your Own Puns

Want to write your own puns? It’s easy!

All you need to do is say a chocolate word like choc, milk, dairy, bar, candy, sweet, confection, or truffle over and over a few times. Listen and try to think of other words they sound like.

Now, you can write a pun like, “Choc it up to experience” or “Make a list, choc it twice”.

This is your time to write amazing chocolate love puns!

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Final Thoughts

I hope you like this post about hot chocolate puns, dark chocolate puns, and puns about chocolate as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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