DIY Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards with Candy

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A box of chocolates, a card and a dozen red roses are the popular Valentine’s Day gifts. While this is anyone’s dream, the unexpected personalized DIY homemade Valentine’s Day card filled with candy is a great alternative.

Candy filled cards make great gifts for Valentine’s Day to give to the one you love, or you could “make a date out of it” and share in making these crafts together!

For less intimate gifts, such as a kid’s Valentine’s school party or just making the rounds in the office these cards make the perfect gift because kids and adults alike can both enjoy making and receiving these DIY Valentine’s Day candy cards.  

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While a store bought greeting cards might be memorable, no one forgets a giant hand-made card filled with candy bars that spell out a cute message.

DIY Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards with Candy

For this project, you’ll need:

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Fold the poster-board in half, like an actual card.

Using the candy bars as words, write a personalized message.

The following are some examples of possible lines:

I'm a bit of an Airhead, and you're kind of a Nerd, but together we are Good & Plenty.
I could search the whole Milky Way and not find anyone else like you.
If I had 100 Grand, I'd take you to 5th Avenue; I could be your Sugar Daddy.
I'm not playing Twix on you.

You’ll want to make up some lines of your own. It’s the best part! And, of course, don’t forget to sign with Hershey’s hugs and kisses. Your one-of-a-kind card will be as much fun to read as it is to eat!

DIY Handmade Valentine’s Day Chocolate Roses

Everyone knows Valentine’s is a day for chocolates and roses, so why not combine the two?

An easy and fun way to make your own chocolate roses includes:

For the rose itself, glue two chocolate kisses together bottom-to-bottom.

Secure the stem wire at the pointed end of one of the kisses, and cover the rose with the red cellophane square, pinching the ends at the stem.

Beginning with the rose, wrap the tape carefully around the wire.

After about one inch, include a few paper leaves by wrapping them in with the tape as you go along.

Finish wrapping tape around the wire, and you’ve got one rose.

Make a few for special people or a dozen for that one special person!

DIY Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Arrow

Nothing says Valentine’s more than a cupid’s arrow through the heart.

For this project, you’ll need:

Cut the construction paper into hearts, and cut a small hole in the upper left and one in the lower right of the heart.

Include a simple message like “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “Be Mine” in the middle.

Using leftover construction paper scraps, cut a one-inch square, then cut fringe up to about one or two centimeters from the end.

Glue the solid end of the fringy paper to one end of the skewer. This will be the tail end of the arrow.

Insert the skewer into the bottom of the heart and back out the top, making sure the message remains on top.

Finally, stick the Hershey’s kiss, with the point facing up, through the other end of the skewer, making the arrowhead.

Cupid’s arrow notes are cute crafts for anyone to enjoy!

With these ideas for candy crafts, your Valentine’s Day is sure to be sweet. Give a one-of-a-kind candy card or a bouquet of candy roses this year. These crafty ideas are sure to bring a smile!

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Ideas for Valentines Day cards

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