Fun Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Don’t settle for the same old dinner this Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of ways to create a creative meal for those you love even if you can’t cook.

Valentine’s Day is all about rich chocolates, heart-shaped goodies, and red accents. Use that as inspiration when it comes to planning out your Valentine’s Day meal. But remember, you don’t need to make something elaborate to express your love.

Here are a few suggestions on eating out or making an easy and fun meal from scratch.

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Breakfast Instead of Dinner for Valentine’s Day

Who says you need a heavy meal for your Valentine’s Day dinner?

Breakfast foods can nourish your palate as well as your sense of fun!

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How about heart-shaped pancakes or waffles, muffins with a heart sprinkled in powdered sugar, or even toast hearts cut from cookie cutters like these:

Plus you can serve with eggs and champagne!

Bonus: Check out our recipe for Heart-Shaped Blueberry Pancakes!

Brunch can also be a nice change of pace to the traditional nighttime meal. Choose a place with a fun menu and lots of variety.

Go ahead and indulge you’ll have the rest of the day to work off your meal.

Remember to make reservations well in advance since Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to go out out to eat.

Creative Valentine’s Day Meals

Can’t cook? Order up a heart-shaped pizza!

Many restaurants in your town may present heart-shaped creations to help commemorate February 14th.

Several even deliver out of town, like Tastes of Chicago, which offers a heart-shaped pizza with cheesecake for dessert.

With the right setting, any meal can be loving. So if your skills in the kitchen are lacking so much you can’t even boil water, don’t fret!

Instead, make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like you did when you were a kid.

Cut out with heart-shaped cookie cutters to add romantic flare.

Place bowls of candy hearts on a table draped in a red tablecloth to set the mood.

Sweet Dessert Ideas

Whatever you decide on for the main course, don’t forget to follow it up with dessert.

Chocolate covered strawberries can be found in many supermarkets around Valentine’s Day or check out these scrumptious ones made by Ghirardelli. You could always make your own too! Here’s how:

Use a double boiler, pop in baker’s semi-sweet chocolate, and dip.

Place out on a piece of wax paper to harden.

A red velvet cake fits in with the Valentine’s Day vibe perfectly. It’s also delicious and easy to make. Check out this recipe from The Food Network.

Or for a change of pace, make the same recipe using cupcakes.

For decoration, take kid’s valentines and glue them to toothpicks. Then stick in each cake, along with a personalized message.

Finally, get a heart-shaped ice cream cake or use these heart shaped popsicle molds to make your own treat!

a table setting for a valentines day meal with a heart shaped plate

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