341 Funny Bird Name Puns For Pet Birds!

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Looking for the best bird name puns to name your pet bird? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s the best list that’s perfect for you!

If you’re a bird watcher or a bird lover, you’ve come to the right place! You will definitely hear some fowl language here. Whether your new pet bird is a little bird, sad bird, big bird, early bird, young bird, or a rude bird, I know you’ll find the best name for your favorite feathered friend!

I have the best bird names, pair bird names, funny bird names, famous bird names, bird species names, backyard bird names, and bird puns and jokes.

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So, without further ado, these funny bird name puns that are a real hoot! I’ve also written name pun posts for cows, chickens, eggs, and pigs! I hope you enjoy those too.

Two giant parrots on a tree in the forest.

The Best Bird Names

  1. Calypso
  2. Cheeky
  3. Oyster
  4. Fiary
  5. Kissy
  6. Paddington
  7. Cyclops
  8. Chip
  9. Donut
  10. Ringo
  11. Rubix
  12. Scruffy
  13. Gromet
  14. Penguin
  15. Apollo
  16. Gullfriend
  17. Sir Chirps A Lot
  18. JoJo
  19. Rumple
  20. Wingman
  21. Pretzel
  22. Zero
  23. Bloopers
  24. Girl Nest Door
  25. Volemort
  26. Long John Silver
  27. Excalibur
  28. I’m Peck-able
  29. Elvis
  30. Chatterbox
  31. Arrrrchie
  32. Romeo
  33. Bubbles
  34. Comet
  35. Doodles
  36. Quacky Quick
  37. Flossie
  38. Rascal
  39. Jelly
  40. Boulder
  41. Lord of the Wings
  42. Goof
  43. Loudmouth
  44. Popcorn
  45. Dinky
  46. Sparrowchute
  47. Domino
  48. Serpent
  49. Fawkes
  50. Zippy
  51. Uncle Quacker
  52. Potato
  53. Wedding Singer
  54. Darth Vader
  55. Bellatrix
  56. Cookie
  57. Diva

Pair Bird Names

  1. Nutter and Butter
  2. Sweetie and Pie
  3. Lulu and Lemon
  4. Cheng and Eng
  5. Frick and Frack
  6. Lucy and Linus
  7. Salt and Pepper

Funny Bird Names

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Taco
  3. Chappy
  4. Woodstock
  5. Hummus
  6. Brussel Sprout
  7. Fawkes
  8. Maple
  9. Simba
  10. Snoop
  11. Honey
  12. Duchess
  13. Nibble
  14. Snowy
  15. Pickle
  16. Blunder
  17. Pidgey
  18. Cupid
  19. Sponge
  20. Boston
  21. Dino
  22. Stinker
  23. Croissant
  24. Beanie
  25. Shrimp
  26. Echo
  27. Shadow
  28. Baxter
  29. Boogie
  30. Pancakes
  31. Bullet
  32. Capone
  33. Bluebell
  34. Potts
  35. Marshmallow
  36. Chickpea
  37. Zeus
  38. Buttons
  39. Lavender
  40. Oreo
  41. Nessie
  42. Fog
  43. Dollar
  44. Peanut
  45. Unicorn
  46. Yankee
  47. Buster
  48. Wasabi
  49. Terminator
  50. Squawk
  51. Socks
  52. Buckaroo
  53. Ladybird
  54. Crystal
  55. Flappy
  56. Yoda
  57. Wanda
  58. Pumba
  59. Winnie
  60. Pegasus
  61. Queenie
  62. Tank
  63. Bongo
  64. Pearl
  65. Macaw
  66. Indigo
  67. Elmo
  68. Batman
  69. Nacho
  70. Sparky
  71. Scooter
  72. Twinkie
  73. Barmy
  74. Titan
  75. Pumpkin
  76. Whistle
  77. Burrito
  78. Waffle
  79. Boo
  80. Pretty
  81. Meatball
  82. Yoshi
  83. Treasure
  84. Mittens
  85. Mermaid
  86. Butter
An orange and brown small bird has something in its beak and is standing on a pier.

Famous Bird Names

  1. Jack Sparrow
  2. Miss Mary Quack
  3. Charlie Chiplin
  4. Uncle Quacker
  5. Osprey Winfrey
  6. Birdie Gaga
  7. Godzilla
  8. Rachel Preen
  9. Ashely Tistail
  10. Monica Geller
  11. Tony Quark
  12. Molt McCoy
  13. Alexa
  14. QuacBeth
  15. AlexGander Graham Bell
  16. Goose Lee
  17. Godfeather
  18. Yoda
  19. Barney
  20. Jimmy Tallon
  21. Quillary Clinton
  22. Ace Hentura
  23. Elon Duck
  24. Donal Stump
  25. Sally O’Birdie
  26. Angry Bird
  27. Flight D. Eisenhower
  28. Finchton Churchill
  29. Chick Jagger
  30. Wolfgang Duck
  31. Bobo
  32. Aretha Frankhen
  33. Ducky Cheese
  34. Stephen Squaking
  35. Leonardo Diquackrio
  36. Jay Leno
  37. Duckleberry Finn
  38. Heather Flocklear
  39. Birdie Bear
  40. Edgar Allan Crow
  41. Rio Di Nero
  42. Pat Henetar
  43. Kim Kardashi-hen
  44. Courtney Dove
  45. Quack Efron
  46. Kelly Cluckston
  47. Wil Tweeton
  48. Tik-Tok
  49. Dixie Chick
  50. Robirda Flack
  51. Parrot Hilton
  52. Luke Skyquacker
  53. Puff Daddy
  54. Flight Schrute
  55. Quakie Chan
  56. Kanye Nest
  57. Steven Seagull
  58. Sandra Gullock
  59. Buzzard Aldrin
  60. Hen Stefani
  61. Rihenna
  62. Whitney Gooseston
  63. Duckbill Gates
  64. Chandler Wing
  65. Sheryl Crow
  66. Gaylord
  67. Captain Cook
  68. Meryl Cheep
  69. Flock Hudson
  70. Mark Duckerberg
  71. Hillary Puff
  72. Afro Quack
  73. Goose Springsteen
  74. Michael Parakeeton
  75. Ariana Puffington
  76. Parrot Hilton
  77. Winger
  78. Egg-citing
  79. Hawkward
  80. Gullfriend
  81. Not Emused
  82. Pecking Order
  83. Fowlen Angel
  84. Lord of the Wings
  85. Angry Bird
  86. Owlgebra
  87. The Godfeather
  88. Cheepskate
  89. Stephen Squawking
  90. Firequacker
  91. Hen Night
  92. Girl Nest-Door
  93. Eagle Eye
  94. Unpheasant
  95. Black Swan
  96. Im-peck-able
  97. Robin Hood
  98. Toucan Play At That Game
  99. Silly Goose
  100. Colloquail
  101. Sparrowchute
  102. Crow Bar
  103. Stark Raven Mad
  104. Buzzard Aldrin
  105. Chick Jagger
  106. Beak-a-boo
  107. Duckingham Palace
  108. III Eagle
  109. Jailbird

Bird Species Names

  1. Noisy Scrub
  2. Christmas Island
  3. White-Eyed River Martin
  4. Storm-Petrel
  5. White-Shouldered Ibis
  6. Waved Albatross
  7. Sulu Hornbill
  8. Madagascar Serpent-Eagle
  9. Kagu
  10. Dwarf Olive
  11. Australian Painted Snipe
  12. Owlet-Nightjar
  13. Cuban Kite
  14. Peruvian Diving-Petrel
  15. Sore Plover
  16. St. Helena Plover
  17. Kakapo
  18. Masked Finfoot
  19. Tooth-Billed Pigeon
  20. Black-Hooded Coucal
  21. Madagascar Fish-Eagle
  22. Bengal Florican
  23. California Condor
  24. Sulu Bleeding-Heart
  25. Sociable Lapwing
  26. Sumatran Ground-Cuckoo
  27. Purple-Winged Ground-Dove
  28. Maleo
  29. Plains Wanderer
  30. Hooded Grebe
  31. Spoon-Billed Sandpiper
  32. Secretary Bird
  33. Egyptian Vulture
  34. Eskimo Curlew
  35. Slender-Billed Curlew
  36. Bald Ibis
A robin is looking at the camera standing in a pink blossom tree.

Backyard Bird Names

  1. Lulu
  2. Dumping
  3. Skittles
  4. Jelly
  5. Hulk
  6. Buddy
  7. Brownie
  8. Coco
  9. Doodble
  10. Caesar
  11. Pepper
  12. Gadget
  13. Cola
  14. Cheese
  15. Sunny
  16. Bruiser
  17. Caramel
  18. Panda
  19. Kiwi
  20. Angel
  21. Rio
  22. Trifle
  23. Banjo
  24. Yoyo
  25. Peaches
  26. Thor
  27. Bear
  28. Dash
  29. Crunch
  30. Frodo
  31. Azul
  32. Kitkat
  33. Tiki
  34. Boots
  35. Lemon
  36. Hobbe
  37. Jewel
  38. Captain
  39. Bucky
  40. Tweetie
  41. Phoenix
  42. Caviar
  43. Ace
  44. Rainbow
  45. Hercules
  46. Basil

Best Bird Puns

Here are some funny bird puns I hope you love!

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  1. Better luck nest time!
  2. Quack the case.
  3. Crowing, crowing, gone.
  4. Bird puns fly right over my head.
  5. I have no egrets.
  6. Lord of the Wings.
  7. Tweetie pie.
  8. Going cheep.
  9. Toucan play at this game.
  10. I bird you the first time.
  11. Crow away.
  12. Going quackers.
  13. Season’s tweetings.
  14. Fly off the handle.
  15. Let’s flamingle.
  16. I hope you find our puns emu-sing.
  17. Better luck nest time.
  18. You pelican, not pelican’t.
  19. Watching nicks hatch is so eggs-sighting!
  20. Happy bird-day to you.
  21. That’s hawkward.
  22. Caw me on my cellphone.
  23. I’m feeling emu-tional.
  24. A chirp off the old block.
  25. Fly by night
  26. Talk birdy to me.
  27. If birds were to run the Church, the Cardinals would sure take the lead out there.
  28. The owls had a birthday party the other night and it all sounded like a hoot.
  29. Fly by the seat of your pants.
  30. Fly in the face of the evidence.
  31. That’s unpleasant and hawkward.
  32. I’m a little bit egg-centric.
  33. Own you need is love.
  34. Eggs-citing.
  35. A heavy burden.
  36. A proper tweetment is the only solution for a sick bird’s great recovery.
  37. You’re so tweet.
  38. Fowl play.
  39. Fly off the shelves.
  40. Telling bird puns is usually harmless, but when you start mocking birds, things can quickly get unpleasant and hawkward.
  41. I’m gonna cremu!
  42. Happy bird-day to you.
  43. Nice to tweet you.
  44. A fly on the wall
  45. We are not emu-sed.
  46. Stork raven mad.
  47. One fowl swoop.
  48. I think you’re dove-ly.
  49. Here’s a toucan of my appreciation.
  50. Poultry in motion.
  51. It’s owl or nothing.
  52. Puck to the Future.
  53. A Velcro helps keep the crows in a flock.
  54. Three shrikes and you’re out.
  55. Owl night long.
  56. Owl the King’s Men.
  57. Being a flight attendant would be the dream job for eagles and owl jays.
  58. I’m hooting for you.
  59. Owl never give up.
  60. My bird puns are so funny, people can’t stop raven about them.
  61. Under the feather.
  62. You’re owl-some.
  63. Rook and Morty.
  64. Every bird loves the chicken dance because it is poultry in motion.
  65. Pecks in the City.
  66. Owl by myself.
  67. Tweetheart.
  68. Velcrow helps keep the crows in a flock.
  69. I once saw a bird get so stork raven mad, he flew off the handle.
  70. Wise quacks.
  71. Like feather, like son.
  72. Apocalypse Now.
  73. The Buzzard of Oz.
  74. Jurassic Squawk.
  75. How I Pecked Your Mother.
Five big birds are flying together at sunset.

Funny Bird Jokes

I love these bird jokes and I hope you do too!

  1. What do you call an owl who’s all mixed up? Low.
  2. What do you get it you kiss a bird? A peck on the cheek.
  3. Someone’s been robin local banks lately. Will you help us quack the case?
  4. Why did the chicken cross the playground? Because it wanted to get other slide.
  5. What’s black and white and black and white and black and white? A penguin falling down the stairs.
  6. Why was the bird always going to the bathroom? It had irritable owl syndrome.
  7. What did the ill chicken say? I’ve got people-pox!
  8. What type of birds spend lots of time on their knees? Birds of prey.
  9. Why did the fly into the library? Because he was looking for bookworms.
  10. Why don’t ducks like going to doctors? They’re a bunch of quacks.
  11. Excuse me, could you please sparrow me some change?
  12. What do you call a dry parrot? Polyunsaturated.
  13. What is a female bird’s favorite thing to read? Cawsmopolitan.
  14. Why did the rooster hang around the henhouse? To pick up chicks.
  15. What has webbed feet and fangs? Count Duckula.
  16. Which owl is known for being an escape artist? Hoo-dini.
  17. When should you buy an exotic bird? When it goes cheep.
  18. What type of maths do owls like? Owlgebra.
  19. Who is the one bird who doesn’t like tweeting? Mark Zuckerbird.
  20. Did you hear about the man who stopped eating chicken? He went cold turkey.
  21. Which bird makes you laugh? A comedi-hen.
  22. What kind of bird is the cleanest? Dove.
  23. Even during the hardest of times, the warrior bird says, “Owl not give up”.
  24. What’s it called when it’s raining ducks and geese? Fowl weather.
  25. Where do birds invest their money? In the stork market.
  26. What’s the difference between a fly and a bird? A bird can fly, but a fly can’t bird.
  27. Why did the bird get into trouble at school? Because he was caught tweeting on a test.
  28. What did the little bird say when he forgot to revise for his test? “I’ll just wing it.”
  29. Did you hear about the owl with no friends? He was owl by himself.
  30. What do you call a man with a seagull on his head? Cliff.
  31. What did the pigeon say after its friend landed a sick flip? Coo.
  32. What name do we give to an always sad bird? A Bluebird.
  33. What do you call an elephant with a beak? A peck-drem.
  34. How does a bird with a broken wing land safely? With its sparrow chute.
  35. What’s a parrot’s favorite game? Hide and speak.
  36. What do you call a party with only two crows? Attempted murder.
  37. What bird film won an Oscar? Lord of the Wings.
  38. Why didn’t the rooster watch movies with his family? He wasn’t into chick flicks.
  39. What do you get if you cross a parrot with a centipede? A walkie talkie!
  40. What do you say when a rude bird is irritating you? Go pluck yourself.
  41. Geese what? I am a millionaire now.
  42. What do you call a parrot that won’t eat? A Polly-no-meal.
  43. Why did the Pigeon cross the road? To prove that he is not a chicken.
  44. What do you call a young bird after he publishes his first book? A fledgling author.
  45. What do you call a sarcastic turkey? A smirky turkey.
  46. Did you hear about the man who stopped eating chicken? He went cold turkey.
  47. Which bird always gets a first place? A peng-win.
  48. Why do snowy owls get invited to parties? Because they’re a hoot.
  49. It was so cold, the eagle was forced to say “Birrrrrd”.
  50. What bird is an MMA fighter? Conure McGregor.

Bird Naming Tips

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect name for your feathered friend!

  • Keep it short! No one wants to constantly yell out a super long name. Your bird will respond better to a short name too.
  • Try to match the name to your bird’s personality! A perfect name will fit your bird.
  • Say the name your thinking about out loud to see if you like hearing it.


What are funny names for a bird?

These are my favorite funny bird names: Pepperoni , Taco, Chappy , Woodstock, Hummus, Brussel Sprout, Fawkes, Maple, Simba, Snoop, Honey, Duchess, Nibble, Snowy, Pickle

What are nicknames for birds?

Dollar, Peanut, Unicorn, Yankee, Buster, Wasabi, Terminator, Squawk, Buckaroo, Ladybird, Crystal, Flappy, and Yoda are nicknames for birds.

What is a good name for your pet bird?

Calypso, Cheeky, Oyster, Fiary, Kissy, Paddington, Cyclops, Chip, Donut, Ringo, Rubix, Scruffy, Gromet, Penguin, Apollo, and Gullfriend are all great names for your pet bird.

What is a cute name for a baby bird?

Lulu, Dumping, Skittles, Jelly, Hulk, Buddy, Brownie, Coco, Doodble, Caesar, Pepper, Gadget, Cola, Cheese, and Sunny are cute bird names for a baby bird.

A black, white, and orange bird is flying and trying to eat yellow berries.

Want More?

Final Thoughts On Bird Pun Names:

I hope you found a fun name for your bird! Let me know what name you chose in the comments.

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