205 Funny Cold Puns And Jokes That Are Ice Cold

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Looking for the best cold puns and jokes? This list will have you freezing because they’re so cool. They are snow funny!

I live in Utah and it’s COLD! This winter has been a record year for snow.

Last night we even got a few more inches. I hope spring comes soon!

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Until then, I’ll read these cold puns. I know you’re going to love them too!

I’ve also written posts about winter puns and jokes and ice puns and jokes. You can check those out too!

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Hilarious Cold Puns

This is the chillest list of cold puns you’ll find!

  1. She coldn’t care less.
  2. I cold you winter is my favorite season.
  3. That was coldally thaw-some!
  4. All I chilly want to do is spend time with you.
  5. The birds and the freeze.
  6. Freeze the day.
  7. Please don’t brrst my bubble.
  8. Look at the froze.
  9. I’m head over chills for you.
  10. Friends or froze?
  11. A better chill to swallow.
  12. For all freeze years.
  13. Accidents chill happen.
  14. I’m always very chill.
  15. He just raised the brr.
  16. Sorry for giving you the cold shoulder.
  17. I cold everyone that I love winter!
  18. License to chill.
  19. Go for it and freeze the day.
  20. Strike a froze.
  21. In August it’s back to cool.
  22. Say freeze!
  23. Let’s cool it a day.
  24. It’s snow problem.
  25. I snow this is a good pun!
  26. He’s giving you the cold shoulder.
  27. Froze were the good days.
  28. I made a list of froze and cons.
  29. Just chill out dude!
  30. Let’s just cool it a day.
  31. Cold and unusual punishment.
  32. We must be a handful. I bet mom loves the odd kid freeze days.
  33. It’s any way the wind froze.
  34. Just chill!
  35. Freeze things do happen.
  36. Just one of froze things.
  37. Any way the wind froze.
  38. It’s snow joke!
  39. Strike a froze.
  40. Don’t cold your breath.
  41. I am the frozen one.
  42. That’s so cool, really the bees freeze.
  43. There’s snow place like home.
  44. This is a great opportunity. Go for it and freeze the day.
  45. Highs and froze.
  46. There she froze. There she froze again. Racing through my brain.
  47. The best ice pun is the freeze’s knees!
  48. Let’s get a different brrspective.
  49. I love this ice cream shop. Today they have buy one get one freeze offers.
  50. My sister and I are as different as chalk and freeze.
  51. Would you like freeze with that?
  52. Sharpen your chills.
  53. I like the cold, but only to a specific degree.
  54. This is a really cool party !
  55. Chill your guts.
  56. Any way the wind froze.
  57. The greatest things in life are freeze.
  58. Be chill my beating heart.
  59. Some of these cold puns are cold.
This is a photo of a woman bundled up.  She outside standing in front of some trees.  She's wearing a coat and scarf.

Cold Jokes

These cold jokes are so cool!

  1. What’s the coldest thing to eat? Brrreakfast.
  2. What do snowmen call their kids? Chilldren.
  3. What is the coldest hat? Ice caps.
  4. What happens if you’re too cold and alone? You become iceolated.
  5. What kind of money is used in the winter? Cold hard cash.
  6. Is hot or cold faster? Hot is faster, because you can catch a cold.
  7. What can you catch when the temperature drops? A cold.
  8. I have a cold. It’s snot funny.
  9. Why did Dracula like to take cold medicine? Because it would stop his coffin.
  10. Why don’t ants get colds? Because they have anty bodies.
  11. What is the best diet in the cold? Only eat icebergs, chili, and chili sauce.
  12. Why didn’t the bride get married in December? Because she got cold feet.
  13. What should you do if you’re cold? Stand in a corner. It’s 90 degrees there.
  14. How did the woman get cold feet? She slept with her feet in a bucket of ice water.
  15. Why did the musicians put their instruments in the freezer? Because people like cool music.
  16. Why is the letter B cold? Because it’s always between the AC.
  17. What do you call a cold crocodile? A refrigergator.
  18. How can you find a glacier? You need to have good ice sight.
  19. What do you call kids who are cold? Chilldren.
  20. While working on the ice house, they just had a major breakthrough!
  21. Why couldn’t the polar bear get a job? Because there was a hiring freeze.
  22. What was the ice cream parlor owner’s side hustle? He was a sundae school teacher.
  23. Where do penguins buy toys? At Fisher Ice.
  24. Why did the snow boy and snow girl want to go leave the North Pole? Because they were snow cold.
  25. What princess is always cold? Snow White.
  26. What should you eat on chilly days? Chilly dogs.

Winter Puns

I know you’ll love these winter puns!

  1. It was fine at frost, but then all hail broke loose.
  2. Parting is sleet sorrow.
  3. Winter is always un-brrr-lieveable.
  4. I hope all hope is not frost.
  5. It was love at frost sight.
  6. Just shovel off.
  7. I’m skiing double!
  8. There’s a lot at flake here.
  9. Mitten in the stars.
  10. Just don’t bite my sled off.
  11. Let’s go surf the winternet.
  12. Isn’t it a winterful life?
  13. That is a thaw-dropping view.
  14. He came, he thaw, he conquered.
  15. Thaw and order.
  16. Everyday I’m shoveling.
  17. I’m in a flurry to get things done.
  18. I really glove you.
  19. Get frost!
  20. He’s got a slush on me.
  21. It’s a frostrating situation.
  22. It’s true, but don’t coat me on that.
  23. The ski’s the limit.
  24. Walking in a winter pun-derland.
  25. Just go with the snow.
  26. Do whatever coats your boat.
  27. Let’s snow where snowman has gone before.
  28. Weather you like it or not, winter is here.
  29. Season the day!
  30. For goodness flake.
  31. No rime or reason to it.
  32. It’s a snuggle get through the winter!
  33. None is above the thaw.
  34. That’s easier sled than done.
  35. Just flake it until you make it.
  36. Home sleet home.
  37. Stuck like igloo.

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This is a photo of a young woman outside in the winter.  It's snowing.  She's wearing knit gloves, a black pea coat with a hood, and a cream turtleneck sweater.

Funny Ice Puns

These funny ice puns might slip my mind!

  1. I only have ice for you and snow one else.
  2. It’s happening before your very ice.
  3. Ice and easy does it.
  4. Prices slushed!
  5. Express hail.
  6. Don’t call ice, we’ll call you.
  7. It’s so beautiful. It cold bring tears to your ice.
  8. Bit off thaw than you can chew.
  9. Glacial recognition.
  10. Don’t give up the chip.
  11. Fancy sheeting you here.
  12. All hail broke loose.
  13. A stone’s floe away.
  14. Sometimes life is sugar and spice and all things ice.
  15. Give someone hail.
  16. Once bitten, ice shy.
  17. Another hail in the coffin.
  18. This ice was water before it was cool.
  19. He wintry that way.
  20. Icy your true colors.
  21. A rolling hailstone gathers no moss.
  22. I only have ice for you!
  23. Junk in the chunk.
  24. Variety is the ice of life.
  25. Water the odds?
  26. Trick or sleet!
  27. Come hail or high water.
  28. Chunk mail.
  29. Fancy sleeting you here!
  30. Lock him up and snow away the key.
  31. Thaw about yourself.
  32. Have you melt them before?
  33. Hi, have an ice day!
  34. He’s walking on thin ice!
  35. Everyone’s a winter here.
  36. Avert your ice.
  37. Please be back by nine, without hail.
  38. What an ice thing to say.
  39. I’m on the ice list this year.
  40. Before your very ice.
  41. I thaw both sides.
  42. Over the hails and far away.
  43. I’m fighting tooth and hail to keep this going.
  44. Icy come, icy go.
  45. Ace in the hail.
  46. Gone down the cube.
  47. Calling them like icy them.
  48. I came, I thawed, I conquered.
  49. An icicle built for two.
  50. Icy what you did there.
  51. On the grand hail.
  52. Get hail soon.
  53. An ice up your sleeve.
  54. Once or ice.
  55. An all time floe.
  56. Variety is the ice of life.
  57. Ice versa.
  58. Icy as ABC.
  59. It’s not icy being this cool.
  60. Sorry, ice cream when I’m excited.
  61. Make a list, check it ice.
  62. Naughty but ice.
  63. I have ice for you.
  64. The blizzard of Oz.
  65. As hail as can be expected.
  66. Enjoy the ice of life.
  67. I’ve been there once or ice.
  68. Don’t call ice. We’ll call you.
  69. Having a hail of a time.
  70. With ice cream, anything is popsicle.
  71. Any way you ice it.
  72. Get out of hail free.
  73. I’m looking to ice things up.
  74. Let’s roll the ice.
  75. That’s the ice you pay.
  76. The best thing since iced bread.
  77. Water we doing here?
  78. A drifty solution.
  79. Brash it off.
  80. Hail never find us here!
  81. All’s hail that ends hail.
  82. I’m just calling ’em as icy ’em.
  83. Seriously floe, you’re doing a great job.
  84. I had a really good final ice pun to tell you, but it slipped my mind.

I have more funny ice jokes and puns here!

This is a closeup of a raindrop.  It's starting to freeze.  It's on the frozen ground.  The sun is starting to come up.

You Can Write Your Own Puns

Do you want to write your own puns? It’s easy!

All you need to do is say a cold word like winter, freeze, ice, or snow over and over a few times. Listen and try to think of other words they sound like.

Now, you can write a pun like, “I’m freezed to meet you!” Have fun writing amazing puns!

Want More?

Final Thoughts

I hope you like these best puns and jokes gave you a good laugh on a cold day! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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