125 Best Bug Puns And Jokes That Are Hilarious!

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Looking for the best bug puns and jokes? You’ve come to the right place. This list will have you bugging for more!

My name is Katy. I’ve always loved Katydids because we share the same name!

I’m interested in bugs, but I don’t want them close to me. Because, well, they’re pests.

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One thing I LOVE is puns. They’re so funny! And I love to laugh.

I’ve written the best bug puns and jokes. I hope these puns don’t fly over your head! I promise they won’t bug you…

I’ve also written puns about rodents, cats, pets, fish, and birds. I hope you love those too!

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A close up of a beautiful moth.  It has spots on its wings.  It's on a plant with white on the leaves.  There's a green background.

Bug Puns

  1. Have you ever ‘pede yourself?
  2. Give it your pest shot!
  3. All I do is wing!
  4. I snailed it!
  5. Let’s have a house-swarming party!
  6. I think you’re my soilmate!
  7. He’s creeping things real!
  8. It’s pretty swarm in here!
  9. Let’s worm our way out of this!
  10. He’s making me antsy
  11. I want to snail around the world!
  12. My family means the worm to me.
  13. I larva you so much.
  14. Bah humbug!
  15. Please tell me you katydidn’t say that!
  16. He’s hopping mad!
  17. Do you ever miss an inch?
  18. Taste it, you mite just like it!
  19. This is the lesser of two weevils.
  20. You’re bugging me!
  21. You should always do the flight thing!

Bee Puns

  1. That was unbeelievable!
  2. I think I’ve pollen in love with you.
  3. I’m a beeliever!
  4. Bee puns sting a lot.
  5. I can’t understand him because he’s a mumble-bee.
  6. Our science teacher gave us the syla-buzz.
  7. Love is in the eye of the bee-holder.
  8. Do you want some wasa-bee with your sushi?
  9. To bee or not to bee.
This is a closeup of a ladybug.  It's on a green leaf.  The leaf is long and straight.  There's a green background.

Fly Puns

  1. I love to write puns on the fly.
  2. Let’s wing it!
  3. If you’re mad, don’t fly off the handle.
  4. Your fly is open!
  5. I think you’re so fly!
  6. He’s full of flies!

Beetle Puns

  1. Do you want to slug it out?
  2. I think a snail’s pace is faster than you’re moving.
  3. Just beetle it!
  4. Beetle beetle rock you!
  5. Beet it, just beet it! (beetle)
  6. Are you buzzed?
  7. I think he’s a little buzzare.
  8. I think you beetle get over here!
This is a closeup of a Monarch butterfly.  It's on a flower with purple leaves and a yellow center.  There's a blurred background that has green, blue, and orange colors.

Bug Jokes

  1. What was the FBI bug agent doing? Sweeping for bugs.
  2. What’s a moth’s favorite subject in school? Mothematics!
  3. Where do you take a sick wasp? To the waspital!
  4. What’s the farmer’s favorite fly? A horse fly!
  5. What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm.
  6. Why did the girl ant throw butter out of the window? Because she wanted to see a butter fly.
  7. What kind of bugs like to live in clocks? Ticks.
  8. What kind of bug wears a dress? A ladybug.
  9. What are bugs afraid of? The S.W.A.T. team!
  10. Why was the bug not afraid of getting sick? Because it had ant-ibodies.
  11. I don’t like any insects, huge, small, or in between. They really bug me.
  12. What insects help with taxes? Account ants.
  13. My sister went to an all insect restaurant. She said it was horrible. Fly-tipping isn’t allowed.
  14. Where do ants live? In Antlantic City.
  15. Why can’t the girl stop fidgeting? She has a nervous tick.
  16. Why was the bug nervous? Because it had butterflies in its stomach.
  17. Why did the insects try to float? To see if they’re buoy-ant.
  18. If an insect is hurt, what should you do? Moth to moth resuscitation.
  19. Why was the exercise routine for insects not going well? Because it has some bugs.
  20. What’s an undercover insect? A spyder.
  21. Why did the bank hire a scientist that specializes in small insects? Because it was an expert on fine ants.
  22. Why was the baby boy sick? Because there was a bug going around.
  23. What did the landlord say when the winged insect complained? It was the previous ten-ant’s fault.
  24. What flies when you’re hanging out with snails? Slime.
  25. How do bees and hornets brush their hair? With honeycombs, of course!
  26. My friend Sally asked me to choose a parasitic insect egg for her to eat. I said no because I hate nit picking.
  27. Why was the insect carrying a bottle of air freshener? It was a deodorant-ant.
  28. Why did the teacher hate insect jokes? She thought they were irritating!
  29. What does a baseball player and spider have in common? They both love to catch flies every day.
  30. What bug can get the job done? Katydid.
  31. How do bees go to school? On the school buzz!
  32. What kind of bug has a sore throat? A hoarse fly.
  33. Where do wasps go when they’re sick? The wasp-ital!
  34. Why are insects afraid of computer programmers? Because they are great at getting rid of bugs.
  35. What do fireflies love to eat between meals? Light snacks!
  36. What do we call a bug that’s good at everything? A slaying mantis.
  37. My mom said I should watch the movie about the giant bug. She said it was XL ant!
  38. Why was the dragonfly not invited to the dance? Because it was a moth ball!
  39. Where do bugs shop? The flea market.
  40. What but is smarter than a talking parrot? A spelling bee.
  41. How did the spider look for a new home? By web-browsing!
  42. What is a bug’s favorite candy? Bumble gum.
  43. Why are frogs very happy? Because they can eat whatever is bugging theme.
  44. What are caterpillars afraid of? Dogerpillars.
  45. What do you call an insect with a bad perm? A frizz-bee!
  46. Two days ago, I thought I had a bug in my pants, but it was just my fly.
  47. Why aren’t there more bugs living on military bases? Because they have strict no-fly zones!
  48. Why do flies want to breathe fire? Because they want to be dragon flies.
  49. What kind of bug likes weddings? An ant-elope.
  50. What do you call a crazy insect? A luna tick.
  51. Not all beetles are insects. Some of them are cars.
  52. Why did the insect learn Latin? It wanted to be Roman-tick.
  53. What kind of beetle has amazing dance moves? A jitterbug.
  54. Who’s a bug’s favorite singer? Bee-yonce.
  55. What’s the app where ticks do fun dances? Tick-Talk.
  56. What kind of insect is hard to understand? The mumble-bee.
  57. What does a bee bring to fly in the rain? Their yellow jackets.
  58. What has one hundred feet in the air, but is also on the ground? A centipede on its back!
  59. What’s an insets favorite food delivery service? Grub Hub.
  60. Why did the police arrest the spider? Because it put a bug on the World Wide Web!
  61. What’s a flea favorite way to travel? Itch-hiking.
  62. What sport to bugs like to play? Cricket.
  63. What is fireflies favorite thing to eat? Light meals.
  64. What do pirate bugs say? Arrrgh Mite-y!
  65. Why is the letter A similar to flowers? Because bee’s come after them.
  66. What bug is the strongest animal and can lift the most? A snail. It carries its home on its back.
  67. What’s a fly without wings? A walk.
  68. What’s a rabbit with beetles on it? Bugs Bunny.
  69. Why was the ant confused at the family reunion? Because all of his uncles were “ants”!
  70. What do you call a dead snail? Escarghost.
  71. What’s a snail on a ship? A snailer!
  72. How does a bug send information? Through snail mail.
  73. What’s a frogs favorite thing to order at a restaurant? French Flies.
  74. How do fireflies always start a race? Ready, Set, Glow!
  75. What did one female firefly say to another female firefly? You glow girl!
  76. Why wasn’t the fly looking for a garbage can? Because it was a litterbug.
  77. How do fleas like to travel? They itch-hike.
  78. What kind of bug likes football? A fumble bee.
  79. What kind of bug can’t have too much sugar? A dia-beetle.
  80. What did the worm say to the fisherman? You’ve got me hooked!
  81. What should you use if you’re dehydrated? Snailine solution.
  82. What do bugs drink in the morning? Mothee.
  83. What should you eat if you don’t want fast food? Snails.
This is a closeup of a bumble bee on the center of a daisy.

How To Write Your Own Puns

Trying to write your own puns? Don’t worry. It’s easy!

All you need to do is say a bug word like bug, gnat, ant, or bee over and over a few times. Listen and try to think of other words they sound like.

Now, you can write a pun like, “I’m bugging for more!” Have fun writing amazing bug puns!

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Final Thoughts:

Last thing, I hope you like these puns and jokes as much as I do! But does some else hate insect puns? I bet I’ll change their mind with this list. So next time, just turn over a new leaf and read them some bug jokes.

Let me know what you think in the comments. It’s the little things that count!

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